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Princesses and Gold Diggers

This is written about my personal view on being a Princess and dating. Please feel free to tell me what you think.

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I say a lot of silly things like

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but it's all silly you see, fun and games. And I may be a high maintenance girl but not financially, emotionally high maintenance is a different story.

I have never been attracted to a man because of his financial well being. Don't get me wrong, I am completely spoiled and I have expensive taste. It so happens that whenever I go shopping I manage to pick the most expensive item without trying, a natural talent mind you. Don't believe me? Ask the boyfriend or even my Dad, both will be all too eager to agree. I do like to go out too nice resturants, plays, the symphony, concerts, and other classy things. All that stuff is nice but I don't expect it. A man is worth more to me than his money. I want love, time, affection, romance from a partner not financial gain. If he happens to be able to take me to nice places and has some extra money on the side, it's an added bonus, not the be-all,end-all. I'm a Lady not a gold digger. There is a big difference between trash and class.

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In some ways I do tend to be old fashioned. Although I am called a man hater and a feminist with mean startes but sterotype I make a bad bad feminist. I believe that when a man begins seeing a woman he should pay for everything, every movie ticket, dinner, ice cream cone, glass of wine, you name it. This is not about money. No.

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I do understand that man young men are still working at hourly rate dead ends jobs, struggling to play catch up with bills and attending school. There are plenty of ways a man can say this without money. For instance, he can take the girl on a walk, they could sit under the stars together and talk, they can volunteer together at a soup kitchen, or day care center, he can make a mixed CD for her and ask her to slow dance, they can attend a poetry reading, they can write silly poems together. And the list goes on. But if he does want to take her out it is a huge gesture that he saved that money in order to take her out.

Once a couple is offical then it is alright for the couple to go dutch, or for the girl to pay sometimes. But that is only after the man has earned it. Seriously Girls, know you're worth. Again, this is very different than being a Gold Digger. A Gold Digger is a shallow gal who only goes after the men folk who have tons of money. If money makes you happy than so be it. But all that glitters is not gold.

And any Lady does know, money can not buy everything. Just because a guy is loaded doesn't mean he'll share it with you, it doesn't mean he won't beat you, it doesn't mean he will love and adore you and treat you like the Princess you are.

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I'd rather be loved and adored. And there are many way a guy can give you the world without spending a dime. I do also think that it is fair to only date men who pull in a certain amount of money. Let's say you want to be a stay at home Mommy, wouldn't you have to marry a man who would be able to support you and all of your beautiful babies? And of course you'd want to make sure those children you've put so much time and love into go to college and you and your hubby have a nice retirement when social security runs out? Of course!! Does this mean you can only go after millonaires? Only if you're a Gold Digger.

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