Fantasmic -- a disney rpg

nothing is more wonderful than the imagination
for in a moment, you can experience a beautiful fantasy or an exciting adventure
but beware: nothing is more powerful than the imagination
for it can also expand your greatest fears into an overwhelming nightmare
experience FANTASMIC! -- a journey beyond your wildest imagination

Maleficent believes she has finally found a way to reign supreme over the forces of good: send them into an eternal sleep! Joining forces with some of the most powerful villians of all time, she casts a spell that sends everyone; villians and heroes alike, into a deep sleep. A sleep in which dreams -- or even nightmares -- can reign supreme over all. For once the nightmares set in...there's no waking up!

Our roleplay and plotline was based upon the amazing Disney Theme Park night spectacular, Fantasmic!, which performs nightly at Disney's Hollywood Studios Orlando and Disneyland California theme parks. We have used this plot here, only in a slightly differed form. In this roleplay, it is the evil who has come up with this scheme to put everyone into a deep sleep, where their dreams can be controlled and turned into dangerous and tormenting nightmares. And thus, everyone falls asleep...and they can dream almost anything possible. They can end up in strange and mysterious locations with no real explaination needed...

Or they can even imagine that the dead have rejoined them in the land of the living.

Fantasmic is a Disney RPG set to include Disney characters and worlds from all across the years, from Cinderella to Giselle, Jack Sparrow to Mary Poppins. Leading or supporting, big or small, all are welcome in this plot. Characters will be given ways to travel between worlds to interact with different characters in new locations. Anything can happen, leave it to your imagination!