Andrea's appearance on Australian TV

For 28yrs, Hey Hey Its Saturday, was an Aussie TV Icon and a Saturday evening institution ... traditional aussie madness abounded ntil 20th Nov, 1999 when the show aired it's final episode. In October this year, Australia's Ch9 ran two HeyHey Reunion Specials and as a result of the enormous public response to those 2 shows, HeyHey will be returning for 2010 as series proper - after a 10yr hiatus!

This has led to many clips now hitting YouTube to be enjoyed again and I found this one in particular, that all members here will surely enjoy with great fondness!

Watch out for the guest appearance at the 1.45 mark.. (Jacki MacDonald was a hostess on the show for most of its years, and she was as madcap as they come! We adore her)

And his interview on the show:
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Hello! *waves* I'm Rhiannon and I run The Misery/Love Co. @ Etsy. I do perfumes based on childhood loves! I just *just* opened up for business, but I've been talking about doing this for years.

Currently I have two perfumes out for The Princess Bride, but there are eight others that I haven't released yet. All in good time! :D

Come see! And friend TMLC while you're at it. ;)

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And here they are!
A golden, sweet blend of honey, vanilla, chamomile, apricot, daffodil, honeysuckle, cream and sugar.

Inconceivable! A very fine wine indeed, most definitely stolen, laced with odorless, tasteless, deadly iocane powder. Or is it? Let the battle of wits commence!

Not sure if this is allowed ... fanfic. Warning: Slash

Title: The Dread Pirate Roberts

Rating: R, for scenes of a sexual nature, and violence (but not at once)

Word Count: 3, 435

Characters: 4th Dread Pirate Roberts, Westley, the Cook of the Revenge, mentions of Buttercup.

Disclaimer: The Princess Bride was written by William Goldman S. Morgenstern. I intend no offence towards the Florinese satirist, or that nice man who made the movie. Certain lines of dialogue are taken from the book itself, namely, pages 184-187. But mostly it’s just me, and my insane brain, as per usual. 

Warnings: SLASH. If that offends you, DON’T READ.

Spoilers: If you haven’t read the book or seen the movie (in which case, INCONCIEVABLE! How could anyone have not at least seen the movie?!) you should probably skip this.

A/N: I cannot believe that there is no slash fic of The Dread Pirate Roberts/Westley ANYWHERE. Roberts spared his life, they sailed together on a ship for years, and then Roberts handed over the title to Westley! Subtext, much?

Anyhoodle, I had to write this. I hope I’m allowed to post this here, if not, it’s fine if you delete it.

Click if you dare ...