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_prettyxpreps_'s Journal

* ~ Do you got what it takes? ~ *

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Welcome to _prettyxpreps_!
We are not your average rating community where we judge you just on looks. We judge you from your application too.
I dollbaby am the mod/maintainer, if there are any problems my e-mail is JulieR4Ever@aol.com


*You must be at least 13.
*This is a rating community so if your not up to criticism then don't apply.
*We do vote on your application not just your looks so put time into your application.
*If your promoting is needs to be under a lj-cut with promoting in the subject line.If you don't your post will be deleted.
*Only stamped members can vote.
*If your new when you post your application in the subject line put "Pretty Preppy".
*Have fun, stay active, and always PROMOTE!


*Music you like/Fave Bands:
*Fave Store:
*Fave Outfit:
*Special/Weird Talents:
*How did you hear about us?
*Promote to another community(show proof):
*At least 2 pictures of yourself