Яшма (vipjashma) wrote in _prettythrift,

Should I submit an original I-864 for every single relative who wants to immigrate?

As a rule, for every potential immigrant that is sponsored by you, there should be an original I-864 submitted.

But there is an opportunity of photocopies submission in case you are a sponsor of several potential immigrants that are on the Form I-864, Affidavit of Support.

Original I-864 Affidavits for Certain Petitions

On a large scale, you are in need of a particularly prepared, original Form I-864 if the potential immigrant is the primary immigrant on Form I-130. Certain potential immigrants, for whom different Form I-130 family-based petitions were filed, require certain Affidavits of Support http://www.internationaltravelnews.com/newsr/8722

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