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New [10 Feb 2005|08:00pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]


Name: Chelsea
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Location: USA
Single or taken: Single thank you very much
How would you describe yourself?: Fun, laid-back, a leader

Movies?: The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Titanic
People?: My friends and family.
Music?: The Killers, Keane, The Smashing Pumpkins
TV Shows?: The Simpsons, American Idol, Curb Your Enthusiasm
Sexual position: Oh ewww

About U
How many/where?:n/a
Piercings?:just my earlobes
How many/where?:1 in each ear
LJ Addict?: Not an addict...
Name 3famous people you hate, why?:
-Hillary Duff: Bad singer, bad actress
-Chad Michael Murray: Bad actor and unattractive
-Ashlee Simpson: Untalented and a poser
Name 3famous people you like, why?:
-Liv Tyler: She's an amazing actress and beautiful
-Jennifer Garner: She gets to kick ass and dress up in different costumes in her show Alias.
-Kate Winslet: She is an amazing actress and I loved her in Titanic.

Bush?:I like Bush!
Kerry?:He's a different story...
Drugs?: It's so lame...
Pre-Marital Sex?:You're not a bad person if you have pre-marital sex but I would prefer to wait.
Same sex marriage/relationships?: I respect same-sex relationships but I don't think homosexuals should marry.

Do you have any piercings or tattoos?: Nope
Tell us something interesting about yourself: I LOVE film-making
Tell us a funny story or joke:Once my dad let me wear plastic dress up shoes to school and my teacher said I needed real shoes so my mom had to run out from across town to get me shoes.
What are some of your hobbies/interests?: Reading, watching TV, hanging out with friends
What is/are your biggest fear/s?: Dark, spiders, my friends or family getting killed or kidnapped.
What is the meaning behind your username?: I had heard of Ivan the Terrible and I decided it would be cool if I had a title like that so I decided my username would be Chelsea The Rad but I couldn't use spaces in LJs so I just pushed it all together.
Why should you be accepted?: Not bad looking and I'll post occasionally!

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