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Premade Layouts [entries|friends|calendar]
«рЯЁмαdƏ˝ĿаΫοǕţS» (simple and complex)

Welcome to _premadelayouts. This is a PREMADE layouts community that specializes in free account layouts as well as some paid styles. We have hundreds of layouts to choose from and are willing to help whenever possible. I take requests when I have the time as do some of the other designers. You will have to check their status to see if they can fill a request for you.

There are 3 MAIN rules in this community:
-->> JOIN the community.
-->> COMMENT when you take a layout & CREDIT where need be.
-->> PLEASE do not redistribute layouts without permission.

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If you would like to be a designer or contribute to our archive as well, please contact baby_scarling or post HERE.

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MYSPACE & Requests [
4/20/09 - 9:44 pm

[ mood | curious ]

Hey lovely members! If anyone would like their current layout or one of our layouts here at premade converted to a myspace layout comment and i'll try to accomodate your needs.

Please make sure that if the maker is outside of this community you get permission before you ask us to alter anything.

Div overlays are possible for myspace but i'll need your request to include all of your links including your friend id.

I would also like to know what everyone would like to see happen to this community. I am free to do requests and would be happy to post new premade layouts but need your guys' help to find out what everyone is wanting to see ^_^ All input is welcome thanks ♥

( 4 ) ♥ LOVE premade

Members Only [
4/5/05 - 7:18 pm


You must join the community to view the layouts and participate in community activites ♥

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