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Hello to all im new to the community, Im married, in NY 26, mother of 4 boys 7,4,2+,22months, 4 angel babies lost due to miscarriage and expecting our 5ht child 9th pregnancy, due 1-15-06
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i'm really hoping someone can answer this question for me! i know that when you're pregnant that you're not suppossed to change cat liter because you can't come in contact with the poop because of toxemia(i think that's what it's called) so i dont' change the litter box my hubby does it...but we also have a hedgehog and she has pine shaving in her it okay for me to change her cage? my husband usually does it but he's been so busy with work that i've just been trying to keep everything clean around if anyone could help me out i would appreciate it!
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I'm 30w4d pregnant right now and I can not bend over for the life of me. Not cause my belly is in the way, but because my daughter's feet are wedged in my hip... she is transverse. Does anyone or has anyone had this problem? What can I do to get her to move? It hurts so bad. I can barely walk. I'm about to cry. PLEASE HELP!

Also, does anyone have any good pro-breastfeeding websites? I have a friend who is debating wether or not to BF or FF and I would like to give her some good BF info to view. Thanks ahead of time for the web sites.

One more thing and I am done...

Tomorrow (Wednesday) night on ABC World News Tonight (6:30pm EST), they will be featuring a story on the autism epidemic and thimerosal-containing vaccines... for those of you who are interested. There was also a special on Montel today about the same thing... I wonder if there is going to be more publicity about these two possible links in the future? I'm interested in finding out why the sudden public awareness in this matter. It is not a new thing, people wondering if they are possibly linked, but for the longest time it was put off as craziness... could there be a link? We may find out in the near future.

Okay, I'm going to rest now and hope my hip starts to feel better! Bye ladies!

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where is a good place to look for a bassinet online?
I've already searched Target, Walmart, Sears, JcPenney, and Kmart...what else has reasonable prices and good safe bassinets?

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i wnat to thank ya'll for answering my last question. now i have another question. do you have to wear pads after you have the baby? even if you bleed longer then like 1 week or so. you have to wear pads? or can you wear tampons? i cant stand pads. and i was jsut wondering.
question #2. after you stop bleeding after the baby. can you wear tampons when you go back on your period? thank you in advance :)

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Well, not being able to stand my sciatic pain anymore. I called my Doctor and she told me to come in. I told her about the contractions I was having, the fact that I've had a certain bathroom issue, and my sciatic pain. She told me I was pretty much screwed. There is nothing they can do about the pain in the ass that shoots down my left leg. She did give me Darvocet. I was also told to stay off my feet or walk with a cane.
She also told me to stop talking my iron pills, they could be what is causing me to run to the bathroom all night.
She also told me I was having contractions because I'm dehydrated. I need to drink more water.
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