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10 weeks to go!

Belive me, I ready. I'm so uncomfortable, bitchy and moody, because of the lack of sleep, that I'm getting on my own damn nerves.
Hmm, is it possible to annoy yourself?

I know, I know, I should have been more careful and not gotten pregnant. Speaking of, when we went to the High risk Doctor. During his consultation , were he asks you all the obvious questions and family history. He asks, "did you practice any form of contraception?" I looked at him for a sec and looked at my belly. I thought. "Hello dumb ass, does it look like we practiced safe sex?" , but I held my tongue. We just said no.

This pregnancy was not a surprise, when your having sex with no protection, chances are you will get knocked up. What was a HUGE surprise was where the twins came from. There are no twins in our families.

I think that is where all my apprehension and worry is coming from. We were ready and prepared to care for one more kid, but with 2? I'm starting to feel like we are SO screwed! Physically and financially. How the hell are we going to care for 4 kids! 4 KIDS! Then reality slaps me in the face. My motto, life does not give you more that you can handle, Its like a way to test you and see what your made of. If you can step up and survive with what life throws at you, then everything else is a cake walk. Well, that's what I tell me self.

Oh well, it's not like we can send one back, now can we........ Can we? Just kidding. I haven't gone through the most miserable pregnancy, to up and give my babies up. Hell no! I worked for these. I cried, lost sleep, my belly is so huge, that I earned these babies. They are MINE! Oh, and my hubby's too.

I now sleep semi sitting up. If you can all it sleeping. It's more like dose for 2 hours, up to pee, 30 min trying to find a comfy position, dose for 2 hours, and it pretty much goes on like that all night long.

Okay, time to feed the youngins

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