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I'm about six weeks pregnant now at this point. I think conception happened after this but the doctors seem to like to use the first day of your last period to base this off of and mine was about February 1st. I took 2 tests and both were positive. One in the afternoon and one the next day in the morning just to make sure. Yep. Took a blood test last week Friday and just waiting for results on that. I was told by the nurses in office the doctor will not see anyone till at least 8-12 weeks pregnant. I have a lot of questions so it's a bit frustrating. Taking the blood test (at OBGYN) will they know to test it to make sure everything is okay or just to verify pregnancy?

I have three cats and my mom keeps saying that I need to get rid of them or put them in the garage. I know better than to change the litter so my bf had taken that on. Worried about afterwards and how they will behave with a baby in the house. So many conflicting stories on this one. Are there any rules about what you should pick up and such? Wondered about this the other day when I picked up Jack (cat) and he felt heavy to me.

I do get cramps but no spotting or weird discharge. Is this normal? Guess I'm super lucky as I haven't thrown up at all since getting pregnant. Only figured I was after certain things I love to eat didn't taste good or made my feel like puking and had to stop eating it. A bit concerned as I did have a scare earlier in February.. about the 20th? I was drinking and normally I can handle myself but just totally shut down and couldn't move after. My bf said it was like I wasn't there but I was awake. Could this affect the baby later?

Also, I noticed there was a community for October babies for 2010. Are there any for November babies 2010? =)

Thanks, ahead of time for any advice and/or tips. In case your curious, I am super excited about a baby (even though it was a surprise!) as I didn't think I could get pregnant and my bf is hoping for a boy but just excited in general we are having a baby, as is our family. =) I'm actually hoping for twins because it runs in my mom's family. ;)
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Potty Tots potty training giveaway!

Hi Ladies,

Just wanted to let you know about a giveaway I am running on my blog, The Wise Mommy.  I have partnered with Potty Tots to giveaway one girl's and one boy's potty training kit.  If you or anyone you know needs some potty training help, just leave a comment on the Potty Tots Giveaway Post and you will be entered to win!  Remember to let us know if you need a boy's or girl's kit in your comment.  The winners will be notified by email on Nov. 25th.  Good luck!



Wonderful Book


A friend of mine just shared that link with me. It leads to the book online, where you can read it. it's written in the style of a childrens book and would take you about 4 minutes to read.

It is super sweet. Be careful though, if you are at work or in a public place... it induced tears in me!

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WIC Policy ?

Just a Question but I'm curious to see how many their is.

For those of you that are on WIC, How many of you have been told that their policy is no formula is given  for the 1st month to " force" you to breastfeed?  

I have WIC and the office I go to does this.  

****This is in NO way to start any drama and I just wanted to see where this is being taken place. I live in California and I have friends on WIC in California that are using formula and the office doesn't have this policy.****

Thanks in Advance.

Edit- I edit this so their isnt any drama in here. Please don't slam people for their choices.
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Donate Life

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I know I've posted my concern about this before, but I just felt like revisiting it again.

I think I've felt little flutters here and there, but they're so faint that it's really hard to tell. Perhaps if I wasn't a big female then I'd feel more distinct movements. Anyway, I read this on my babycenter.com update on Sunday (18 weeks): She's busy flexing her arms and legs — movements that you'll likely start noticing more and more.

Did anyone else not feel noticeable movement until later? I know that some people are lucky enough to feel movement around 14 or 15 weeks, but it's okay to not feel lots until later, like 18-20 weeks, right?


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Nursings Pads

I need help finding nursing pads. I want washable ones, and I've found a few, but theres always a problem - they aren't big enough! Do they make pads that are the actual full size of your bra? All the pads I've tried so far are tiny and they look so bulky and disgusting under my clothes. I need something I can wear to work (as I'm only 22W 5D) and people wont know they're there!

Any suggestions??

I'm finally posting this...

Here she is!
Emma Rosemarie Ringelman

It was one of the most amazing moments of my life. I think every mother should get to experience this. It took my breath away. I got to watch her yawn and then she reached up to rub the top of her head. LOL.. I think she might have been playing with her hair. hehe.. *sigh* My little baby. I can't wait to see you in person. But this was a beautifully special peek into your little world.

34wks 2d
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