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The #1 Pregnant Community

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This community is for those of you who are expecting, want to be expecting, or who have already expected!
We encourage ANYONE to join this community!
Whether you are thinking about getting pregnant, have been pregnant, or are pregnant!
Even fathers/fathers to be, grandparents, brothers/sisters, or friends can join and post AS LONG as it's on topic!

This is a great place to talk about problems and concerns, share stories, and rant about babies, breasts, stretchmarks, and whatever other problems/concerns that come along with being pregnant. Welcome and enjoy!

I created this community after being banned from pregnant for stating the fact my son will be circumsized. After I realized their harsh rules I decided us pregnant women did NOT need to be treated like 16 year olds. So I decided we all needed a place to come and ask questions, rant, or whatever other needs we feel at that moment, without being worried about being banned, or harrassed by mods and members.

This community has a few rules:

1. All parenting styles are welcome, but remember!!!
Not everyone may agree with you, so please respect all opinions and decisions.
Don't ridicule, name call, or start drama because you disagree with someone's opinion or decision.

2. All advertising must have to do with pregnancy.
Whether you have a new pregnancy community.
You're selling maternity clothes, baby clothes, etc.
Or anything else of the kind.

3. Please put long entries and large pictures under cut tags.

4. If you think someone is trolling, stalking, or a fake.
E-mail me and let me know and I will look into it.
However, don't make posts about it unless you are 100% SURE they are, have proof to back it up.

5. If you post about other communities, or think your post might cause drama or unwanted attention from people who aren't in this community, be kind and mark it as friends only.
Also put it under LJ-Cut for those members who don't want to read or get involved.

6. It is YOUR responsibility to make posts you don't want known out of this community friends-only.
That goes for any drama written posts (above rule), pictures (people stealing), etc.

7. Please do not post any off-topic posts.
You can post whatever you want here that has to do with pregnancy or being pregnant.
Some posts are for your personal journal and if someone thinks it was meant to be there instead of here, we will tell you so, but don't be rude in return.

8. Do not delete/freeze any posts or comments.
If you want something deleted or frozen e-mail me and let me know.

9. If you're going to leave this community.
Don't make any goodbye posts.
Just click "leave" as easily as you clicked "join."

10. RESPECT your moderators.
Lately ALOT of people have come to us and have said very rude things and I won't tolerate it.
Anymore rudeness I get there will be a warning and after that if you continue I will ban you.

I'm open to any new rules, so if anyone has suggestions, let me know.

If there are any problems with anything please e-mail me.


Memri. (Maintainer and moderator.)
AIM: GestorterEngel69
Yahoo: GestorterEngel
MSN: GestorterEngel@hotmail.com
E-mail: GestorterEngel@yahoo.com

Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or problems in or about the community!

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