Birth story

Alexander was born on 25/09/2010 at 0216 weighing 8lbs 1oz. He was born naturally at home.
I have posted my birth story to my journal, it is very long! If you want to skip to the interesting part scroll down to The Birth! It is my personal account so I have described the whole 23hours as I wanted a record of it.
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27 weeks

27 weeks pregnant, fever is 102.1, progressively going up. Aches, pains, vomiting. Dr said viral infection but because I'm allergic to Tylenol, he didn 't do anything but phenergen supp. which didn't help.

What can I do/take about this fever? I'm freezing, burning, freezing. HELP!

PS) Waiting for a callback from the local er.
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Stalled Labor .. Again??

Last night, around 1:00am I noticed my contractions were coming pretty close together (I've been in prelabor for over a week, so I'm used to having them), so we decide to time them. For nearly 2 hours, they were under 5 minutes apart, most of them being 2-3 minutes apart, and lasting for a minute.

They were pretty ouchy, but didn't get to a point where I wanted my mommy or anything. Since it was nearly 3:00am by then, my husband suggested we try to get some sleep. I really didn't want to, and end up losing my "progress", but I knew staying up was stupid, so I just hoped they would get stronger while I slept. No dice :(

It's now 8:00am and I can't sleep because I'm so anxious! I'm still having contractions, though their intensity has died down a little. I should probably keep trying to sleep, but I can't help feeling cheated! This is the second stalled labor routine I've been through! Part of me wants to give in and try all the tricks (walking, sex, bouncy ball, etc), but I hate getting my hopes up.

Help me, ladies. What should I do???

41 weeks, 5 days
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Stalled Pre-labor? :(

I think I'm in prelabor, but its stalling out on me :(

Tonight, I took a warm bath and relaxed in bed with my husband. We were intimate, then snuggled while watching a movie. I noticed I was having some pretty good contractions (by good, I mean I could feel them!), but didn't think to time them.

My husband went to sleep around 11:00 and I tossed and turned for about a hour, feeling inexplicably anxious and crampy. I decided to start timing around midnight:


I fell asleep around this point. My contractions were really good, and I figured I'd wake up if I had more, but I didn't wake up again until 1:40 when I had a much milder one, and again at 1:51.

I'm so frustrated!! I can't decide what to do with myself. I want to wake my husband up to cuddle & help release oxytocin, but I don't want this to be a false alarm and for him to be exhausted. And I feel like I should rest if it''s the real thing, but I also want to actively try and get them going again.

Ugghh, help! I was trying not to get my hopes up, but now I'm totally let down that things are stalling!

EDIT: The only reason I consider this might be the real thing is that these contractions were a LOT stronger than what I'd experienced before, and were coming so regularly!
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What to bring

What are some good things to bring to the hospital? I know I should have done this a long ass time ago considering my due date is next Thursday but I've just been too busy to even think about it.

Also I'd rather use my own pads and underwear after labor. How much would you say is enough? I bought a 6 pack but I'm thinking I might need more than that. Also for the pads I was thinking about getting the overnight ones. You know the HUGE ones lol. Should that be alright?
Thanks! :)
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Sling HELP!!

So, even though my due date is tomorrow, I've suddenly decided that I'd really like to have a baby sling. I avoided looking into them because I read all the suffocation warnings, and I ended up getting a regular carrier, which is fine! But now I've realized there's something really organic and natural about slings, and I'd like to get one.

After looking online for awhile, I narrowed it down to 3 slings that I really like based on their patterns, style, and user ratings. But I am SO TORN!!! I can't decide! I was hoping one of you guys might be willing to give me your opinion!! Here they are:

Sling 1

Sling 2

Sling 3

Any recommendations/opinions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys!!! :)

Hello Community.

I'm twenty years old, and just discovered that I am pregnant. Mostly I'm happy, but I'm also terrified. I always joked around that I would never have a baby because I have a very low tolerence when it comes to pain. My boyfriend is really, really thrilled about it...I can't be more than a month pregnant and he's already taken to kissing my belly before we go to bed. I've joined this community to hear from others about what they're going through, to ask questions and get advice if I ever need it. If anyone is in the same situation, or just going through their first pregnancy--HELLO! =] It'd be nice to have someone to talk to about everything I'm feeling. I've just called and scheduled an appointment for the 26th of August...I heard that you have to get a blood sample? Does that happen on the first appointment? I'm terrified of needles!

Braxton Hicks

Is it possible for Braxton Hicks to feel like a quick sharp pain? I'm almost 35 weeks now and I'm sitting on here and like randomly I start getting these sharp pains in my stomach. They kind of took my breath away and I haven't felt anything like this throughout my whole pregnancy. Its like in the lower part of my belly. They just stopped, but I was wondering what it could be.

I don't think it was a Braxton Hicks because 1 I'm pretty sure I've felt one before and it didn't feel like that and 2 a lot of people say when you have BHs your belly gets firm/tight. It didn't do that, just the sharp pain.
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Birth Plan

I finished my birth plan, and my doula said she really liked it, and wanted to use it as an example on her website. I was extremely flattered, and thought maybe some other people might like it as a reference for when they start theirs :) It's pretty straight-forward and simple.

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Dried Colostrum Disappearing?

Sorry, me again!

Through my pregnancy, I've had dried colostrum on my nipples, almost like soft little scabs. My OB said it was totally normal, so I left them alone! I always wondered though, when the time came that I gave birth, how would my daughter nurse through them??

However, in the last week or so, I've noticed that the scabs are disappearing/falling off so that the nipple is smooth again.

Has anyone experienced this? Is it another sign that I might be getting closer to labor? I lost my plug 2 days ago (no bloody show), and Ive had a feeling since the beginning that she might come early.

TIA! 35 weeks, 3 days.

Update - I don't pick at them or soak them, and I haven't actually seen any of the scabs come off, I just noticed they're going away!