Sarah (unboundvoice) wrote in _pregnant_,

Baby fever

So I don't really know where the appropriate place to post this is.

I'm having a serious case of baby fever. I thought we were 100% done (have two boys ages 11 & 4) but the past few months it's like my body is begging me to have a baby. My mind can still rationalize the reasons it might not be a good idea pretty well, but it's getting tough to ignore this urge!

Has anyone else been through this? I'm 32 and happily married. My main concern with having a third is the big gap between my oldest and a potential new baby (it would be 12.5 years if I were to get pregnant soon). Does anyone have a gap that big and how was it? I just don't want to be so busy with a baby that I miss out on these last few years I have with him before he's off driving etc.

I feel like I'm going back and forth on this every 5 minutes and it's keeping me up at night! I may very well be back looking for a due date community soon lol :)

Thanks for listening!


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