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This community is dying

I have decided to liven this community up by starting a round robin fan fiction. For those who don't know a round robin fan fiction is a story that is started by one person, and continued by the rest of the community.

Rules for the Round Robin

I will start the start the story

after no more than 10 lines of dialougue and/or 10 paragraphs I will pass it along.

Next person go and do the same as I did

than so on and so on

If you have any questions on the rules comment here or email me. thanks

I am really hoping everyone will participate.

And on with the story

Title: Bring me to you (working title only -can be changed)
Author: _prefectlove
Rating: G ( for now can go up if need be)
Warning: None
Summary: Post HBP. Percy decides it is time to apologize to his family. When he goes to the Burrow he finds a lot of things have changed...like Hermione Granger.

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