Urgent Request

Please pray hard for Anthony, age 22. He is having a severe breakdown, brought on by a sudden loss of job, girlfriend(intended wife), and home. He has a second, but final chance with his beloved GF, but he urgently needs medical intervention to deal with probable bipolar anger and depression. He is at high risk of suicide. Please lift sweet Anthony in prayer! Thank you, and God bless!
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Answered prayers?

I haven't personally posted in this community for awhile, mainly because I don't want the focus to be on the creator of the community, but on our ultimate Creator. But I figured I was long overdue for a post.

Though our membership isn't huge, it warms my heart to see when people reach out through prayer even for strangers.

That being said, I want to emphasize the ultimate purpose of this community. Not only is this a place for prayer requests, but it is also a place to share blessings and answered prayers. I admit I have neglected keeping up with the stars in the profile (I add a star for every answered prayer shared). I hadn't updated them is almost three years! Sadly, I was unable to add any additional stars when I sifted through all of the entries tonight.

The prayer requests are the beginning, and again I love seeing the Lord working in everyone who helps to pray for those who ask. But I'd love to be able to add many stars to the profile page. I encourage you to promote this community, invite your friends and help us gather together under one name — HIS name — to not only share prayer requests, but to bless His name by sharing how God has worked in your life. :)

Feel free to comment here, or post a new entry to share some of your recent answered prayers!

sad heart

Dear friends,

The heart is so deeply sad and I pray I may connect with a dear friend tomorrow. We haven't talked in a few days since a sad occurrence. I pray you will too pray for my relationship with "Chris".. that we may connect tomorrow, that blessings will come upon a dear friendship, and that I may find peace in my heart.
Humbly and prayerfully


Dear Lord,My heart is torn in two and I know not how to repair it :_(. ... I pray I may connect with a dear friend today and that we may talk and you would bless the connection. I am sad, hurting and cannot pretend to fully understand. I need healing of mind, body, spirit and I pray that you would bless the friendship with Charles Lord. ... I need you Lord; I love you Lord. Please heal me.. and please, let us connect. Humbly, amen

(no subject)

I could use prayers just now. My heart is deeply hurtins :_(... please pray for a relationship with my dear friend Chris... recent events brought me to touch the deepest of hurts and sometimes I argue with the Good Lord trying to understand. I pray I may hear from him; I pray for renewal and blessings upon a dear best friendship.
Humbly and prayerfully

(no subject)

Just now I am humbled to admit,
I could really use prayers for a relationship with one so deeply loved
Please, if you could pray for my relationship with "chris"
I'd be grateful

prayer request

Greetings Journal Friends,

Both Minnesota and North Dakota residents are scrambling as the flooding paired with difficult weather has caused much damage already and the flood waters have not yet peaked.  Thankfully many of the hospital and nursing home residents have been evacuated, yet too we need to pray for the safety of all and that the damage will be minimized.

Any prayers would be appreciated...
Thank you

prayers please..

It has been some time since I posted here.. yet I am so very sad just now. Though I thrive in relationships, sadly with one most loved so often I stumble.  Please pray for my relationship with Chris... please pray we will connect soon; please pray we will work things out such that peace will come to the heart.  Daily I pray for blessings upon a life long, mutually loving, soulful and intimate relationship.. yet just now I hurt so deeply
I hurt so deeply
Blessings upon all who stop by
and all who pray