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Practical Magic (the movie)

Come in and have a cup of tea

Sally & Gillian
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Practical Magic the movie

I thought I'd make a community for those who like/love the movie starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman as well as Aidan Quinn, Stockard Channing, Dianne Wiest, and Goran Visnjic.

Keep in mind this story, written by Alice Hoffman, may not represent accurate picture of Wicca but some aspects in the movie can be applied to heath/kitchen witchcraft type.

Your fanfic, photos, thoughts, rants, comments, icons, fan art or anything else are welcome. Tell us who is your favorite character, actress/actor, and the favorite scene during the movie.

Questions relating to Wicca and witchcraft are permitted. Open mind is the key to open heart. Enjoy!

Blessed be.