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Practical Magic (the movie)

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9th April 2011

death_comet3:40pm: be my price
1-25 Stock
26-31 Practical Magic
32-48 Atonement


more at death_comet

30th December 2010

death_comet6:18pm: you make me smile
1-10 90210 cast
11-20 Practical Magic


more at death_comet

6th October 2010

sophiaisabellaa4:20am: love is where they are.

!animated icons, !animiated sidebars, !icons, actress→ jennifer aniston, actress→blake lively, actress→emma watson, actress→nina dobrev, actress→sandra bullock, actress→taylor momsen, disney→aladdin, disney→beauty and the beast, disney→monsters inc., disney→oliver and company, disney→poohs heffalump halloween, disney→princess stories, disney→the princess and the frog, disney→tinkerbell, disney→winnie the pooh, keep calm→icons, movie→eclipse, movie→its the great pumpkin, movie→practical magic, movie→the swan princess, seasonal→halloween, tv show→ pretty little liars, tv show→90210, tv show→fringe, tv show→hellcats, tv show→sonny with a chance, tv show→supernatual, tv show→the vampire diaries, tv show→veronica mars

find them all here at my journal! colormeelectric

8th June 2008

rowan_belle12:30am: Icons
[27 Practical Magic]
[23 Beauty and the Beast]

More @ my journal

24th October 2007

mutantenemy11:17pm: Being normal is not necessarily a virtue.....
My beloved friend raven_moon inspired me with her Practical Magic bases she posted recently.
It rekindled my love for the movie, so these icons were born.
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1st September 2007

barkdust12:11am: 48 "Practical Magic"


5th January 2007

sparkling_lily11:40pm: Icons
[024] x Practical magic
(mostly Nicole Kidman)


HERE @ sparkling_lily

9th October 2006

ellie_me111:50am: Icons

[+ ] 7 Practical Magic icons
[+ ] 1 Nicole Kidman Icon
[+ ] 1 Alexis Bledel
[+ ] 1 Lindsay Lohan
[+ ] 1 Moulin Rouge(animation)


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

(Click here)

18th September 2006

dialaurel1:26am: PM Fans
Hey everyone!

Note to the mod: Sorry in advance if this isn't allowed! I didn't see anything against promoting new communities in the userinfo, but if you'd rather me not post this, feel free to let me know and I'll delete it.

Since I love Practical Magic so much, I couldn't resist creating a community of my own! It's brand spankin' new, so I'm really hoping for members.

I plan to try my hardest to keep the community fun and active. Discussion of things other than Practical Magic is permitted, but of course anything related to PM is more than welcome and encouraged! My overall goal is for the community to be a place for fans of the film and book to kick back, relax, and get to know each other - to feel comfortable and have fun while sharing their love of such an amazing story and its characters. I don't want to let the magic of it die out!

I hope to have some kind of optional fun activity each month that members can participate in if they want. I'm not entirely sure what I'll do yet since the community is brand new, but I hope to figure things out as I go along. Your input and suggestions are more than welcome!

I encourage all of you to drop by and check it out: pm_fans!


21st June 2006

anuella11:45am: New member...
Hello everyone! I've loved Practical Magic for years, so I'm very happy to have found a community dedicated to it. I adore everything about the movie. I remember watching it over and over again when I was in junior high and had just discovered it. It helped me through a lot of tough times. My favorite characters are Gilly and the aunts. I still, to this day, identify with Gilly and I adore Nicole Kidman's portrayal of her. It's hard for me to pick a favorite aunt!

Has anyone here read the book? I'd love to get my hands on it, but I'm wondering if it's as good as the movie?

19th May 2006

heathwitch2:15pm: Screen Caps
Does anyone know where I can find good/high quality, large-format screen caps from Practical Magic?

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11th May 2006

amysquie1:24pm: Newbie
Hi everyone my name is Amy and I have been a fan of Practical Magic for a few years. Just on an icon making spree at the moment - should be writing an essay or revising lol! Anyway anyone know where you can get good practical magic caps from?

20th April 2006

wiccabuffy5:24pm: Just joined
*waves* Just found this comm through a friend and thought I'd join! I adored the film, even if it wasn't accurate Wicca, simply because it showed us in a positive light, with a loving family bond as well. I've already taken one of the icons posted here and I now have a new wallpaper thanks to pinkdiamonds31! I'm trying to find a good screensaver as well, but when I went to the official movie website, it appears it won't work on Windows XP. If anyone knows of others, or has a really nice one made, please let me know! Thanks!
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1st April 2006

darkgreenfaerie1:04am: I hope i can post this here, if not let me know and i'll delete it.

i run a icon community called witchicontest, its a community for witches in the media be it tv, film, books or history. It's only just started so we are still on challenge 1 which is based on Practical Magic (hense posting here)So come play, we could really usesome more icon makers:-)

6th March 2006

freyas_fire12:34am: Just saying a quick hello
Just joined tonight - I had no idea there was a community for this movie! My husband and I both love the movie, and used Stevie Nick's song "Crystal" as our wedding song last June. We were so adament about having that song to dance our first dance to, that when we realized we had forgotten the CD back home, we went out and bought another copy of the soundtrack. At least now if we lose one, we have a backup. We played the entire soundtrack during the rehearsal dinner. :)
Thanks for the tea!

22nd January 2006

mostlycelt9:24pm: New to the Community
Just thought I would say hey as I've only just joined tonight. I stumbled onto the Community through someone who had friended one of my TM chars and being a Goran Visnjic fan of course had to join. I'm a fanfic writer and my focus at the moment is Luka centered ER, and a young Daniel Stargate SG-1 story, though I have recently written a story based off Goran's film, "The Deep End". I look forward to participating and getting to know you through your posts, and who knows, maybe a Jimmy fic will present itself with the renewed inspiration.

18th October 2005

purexaddiction4:36pm: Hey everyone!
Im new here, only joined yesterday. I just wanted to introduce myself really x)
Im Christine, Chris, Tine..Whatever you want to call me, i dont mind! Im 15 and currently in High School, doing GCSEs. Im a very art/graphics type person, online alot and enjoy most types of music. I'm interested in Paganism/NeoWicca, and in the midst of researching it and finding out wether it's the right path for me at the moment. Anyone with advice or anything that would help me please get in contact! EMAIL: mo0dyxcow@aol.com

I first got interested in the film a couple of years ago, Ive not yet read the book but i absolutely love the soundtrack. Ive watched it countless times, and used to dance around to 'Coconut' with my sister when we watched it together. x)

Great community, hope to make some new friends!
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4th October 2005


♥ Practical Magic 'I heart' Bar
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♥ Practical Magic ( 3 Icons )


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♥ Practical Magic (7 Icons)

 Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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29th July 2005


Hello! I'm fairly new here.

Practical Magic has been one of my favorite movies for years. My favorite character is Gillian - partially due to my adoration of Nicole Kidman, but mostly because I love her spunky personality. I don't think she always makes wise decisions, but her imperfection is part of her beauty. Favorite scene...when Gilly, Sally, and the aunts have late-night margaritas in the kitchen.

It's my dream to visit the Practical Magic house, and hopefully to have one similar to it for myself someday.

Also...I've just started this journal and I'm looking for friends. I figured that this community would be a nice place to find fellow journalers who have a lot in common with me. I hate to openly ask for friends like this, but part of enjoying an online journal is allowing other people to enjoy it with you. So if you don't think another friend would be too much of a hassle, drop by my userinfo, and leave a note in my journal if you find me interesting at all. :)
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26th July 2005

auntfrances7:29pm: New here...
Hello to everyone....

I've loved Practical Magic for years, the decorations in this movie alone are enough eye candy to sustain me for many more years to come. My favorite out of all the Owens women is Aunt Frances. That witty, charming, spunky, sophisticated, fine and sassy woman called Stockard Channing is a pleasure to watch. And my favorite scene? It's that look on her face when she asks Sally towards the end of the movie....Got any friends? (laugh)

I want to thank everyone for sharing such beautiful graphics, I give credit where it's due. So if anyone notices any user pictures in my new journal that's yours and you don't see your name as the creator, drop me a line. I do have those off-days like everyone. ;)

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25th July 2005

immortal_wicca5:26pm: Practical Magic Mood Theme!
I bring you the Practical Magic mood theme! I hope you all like;


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Practical Magic Mood Theme -- Zipped -- EDIT: this has been uploaded again as of 18/05/2006.

Please remember to;

♥ comment if you're taking, or even if you're not -- I'm a comment whore!!
♥ please credit me for this mood theme if you take -- I made the caps and created the mood theme from scratch -- ta very much!!
♥ take/have/share.
♥ enjoy!!

x-posted at mood_mania under my graphics username of pinkdiamonds31
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11th July 2005

quietwitch7:48pm: Book Vs. Movie
I read about 3/4's of the book and I hated it and stopped reading it. Did anyone else have this problem? And if it's not too shallow, can someone tell me how the book ends (hahaha) is it much different from the movie? It has to be since the first 3/4's of the book was very very different than the movie. I stopped reading when Gary Hallett arrives.
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minerva_fan5:14pm: Hi, new member here. My gf got me hooked on Practical Magic (I'd seen the movie when it came out, but didn't really appreciate it until watching it with her.) She's working on a PM website, and has posted Nicole and Sandra wallpapers at her LJ (elemental_fey).

My favorite characters are the aunts, but I really like all the characters (except Jimmy, of course). I also enjoyed the book, which was very different but wonderful in its own way.

Have any of you heard the soundtrack? I love it, especially the two songs by Stevie Nicks. Anyway, just my two cents.
quietwitch7:21am: I found a fan listing for the Practical Magic house

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10th July 2005

future_csi32:43pm: Newbie

Hello everyone! Just looking around for a community about Practical Magic and came across this one. This looks like a pretty good group so I thougt I'd join. My name is Sheena and I'm 20. Practical Magic is one of my (if not alltime) favorite movies. It also has the appeal of having my two favorite actresses in it. :) Anyway, I'm glad to be here and can't wait to get to know all of you. I also come bearing gifts. I made like 10 icons and one header. So feel free to snag them, but comments are always nice if you do. :)

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