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Potterholics Anonymous, The LiveJournal

It's not an addiction, it's merely an obsession.

Potterholics Anonymous
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Potterholics Anonymous
It's Not An Addiction...
it's merely an obsession.

Are you addicted to Harry Potter or anything that is like that?? Well, here is the place that is just for you. This is Potterholics Anonymous!!!

Only a couple rules for _potterholics_:
Please no bashing of other people's opinions/ships/etc. We reserve the right to delete inappropriate posts/comments. Thank you.
No trolling and no net-speak, please. Use proper grammar and spelling, if you can.

For the posting of icons:
  • Post at least THREE icons in a post. Any post that has more than 5 icons, please put in a LJ cut. If you do not know how to make them, ASK.
  • Icon requests are allowed. But, if you are, please post a detailed descriptiong of the icon you would like made. If you want the icon to have a certain picture, please post it in a LJ cut. Once again, if you don't know how to make a LJ cut, ASK.
  • You may post bases.
  • If you need help to make an icon, icon_tutorial is a great place to learn how.
  • We WILL NOT CONDONE actor bashing or extreme anti-ANYTHING icons or posts. Anti-ship icons are ALLOWED, but please don't be to rude about them.
  • Comment on the ones that you are taking.
  • If the icon make wants credit in keywords, then you put credit in Keywords.
  • Icons that are hateful towards HP are not allowed. Parody icons are acceptable but I draw the line there. Posters of hateful icons will be warned and their posts deleted. This is very rude and I hope I won't ever see any of this.
  • Keep in mind that LiveJournal is meant for people of all ages. Therefore, icons with PG-13 material is acceptable outside a cut. All icons that contain material that would be considered R of NC-17 must go under a cut, on a friend's locked entry, with a "Not Safe For Work" (NSFW) warning.

    Mod 1) absofruitly
    Mod 2) drownyour_kiss

    Wanna affliate?

    Templates of Posting

    When introducing yourself:
    1. Your name:
    2. Your age:
    3. Your favorite color:
    4. Your favorite Weasley:
    5. Your least favorite Harry Potter book:
    6. One celebrity you would happily spend 30 minutes alone in a closet with:
    7. A description of yourself in 3 words or less:
    For the posting of fan fictions:
  • Title:
  • Author:
  • Genre:
  • Rating: (G/PG/PG-13/R/NC-17)
  • Summary: (Please include Ship)

  • Ways to Contact
    Email for the Potterholics

    NO HOTLINKING! Upload to your own server, please!
    Join Potterholics Anonymous!

    Join Potterholics Anonymous!

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