June 29th, 2005


Art Contest

Aaaalright PotterPeople. I've come up with a great idea and wanted to share it with you all. Kiki said it was really good. Anyways.

How about an ArtContest? It sounds like fun to me. But, of course, only 'Harry Potter' art.
Rules are as follows:

1. Keep it as simple or make it as complex as you want.
2. Photography, Sketch, Computer Animation, Clay, Comic, etc. ANY art form. Just not Poetry or Story...This is Visual art.
3. No words. And if you must have words, then whatever. A title needs to be given with the piece, but does NOT have to be on the piece.
4. Any picture showing 'inapropriate skin' MUST be behind a LJ cut and have a warning. Have a censored version on hand just incase it is deamed 'too dirty.' Lets put it this way; Think Catholic School.
5. If it is made after HBP or created for HBP, be sure to LJ cut and make a Spoiler Warning.

You have two months to work on your art. Today is June 29. You have until August 29. Post a comment on this saying you would like to participate so we know to expect a piece from you.
If all submissions are in before the 29th of August, then we will judge on the date all are in.

Oh yes. The prizes.
1. The satisfaction that you are a kick-ass artist.
2. A special 'online pin'.
3. A special 'designed by you, slaved over by us' icon.
4. Picks the next Art Theme.

Ready, set...Create!

The challenge's theme is: Trio Love!

This can be any three people such as: Harry/Hermione/Ron, Draco/Crabbe/Goyle, Neville/Ginny/Luna, etc.

Side note: Forgot to mention. Any of your questions/comments/conserns/etc. should be directed to me. If not on LJ, contact me through...:
AIM: RaverAshura
MSN: CaitEspr@msn.com
Yahoo!: hacker_relay@sbcglobal.net
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HP fan fic

Well I'm writing a fan fic, and I'm sad to say that Mugglenet rejected it because of grammar and punctuation errors and the plot wasn't too well formed. And there's this split second part where Draco is OOC, but it goes with the story...he gets a little fluff..anyway...I'm gonna work on it and try to add it to some other sites but if you would like to read it, comment and then I'll post it!

A little about the fic: it's set in the trio's 20's and it's a Hermione/Snape pairing. It's Romance/Angst and so far I got good reviews..so yeah. lol.
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Fan Fiction

Okay, I'll post the first chapter of my Fanfic, Sorrow Whispers. If you don't like it, just tell me! The first Chapter is pretty short, but it gets longer. Anyhow, I have 5 chapters done and am working on the 6th. Here goes...!


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