June 21st, 2005


intro post

1. Your name: chelsey
2. Your age: 14
3. Your favorite color: red
4. Your favorite Weasley: fred
5. Your least favorite Harry Potter book: the 2nd one
6. One celebrity you would happily spend 30 minutes alone in a closet with: orlando bloom
7. A description of yourself in 3 words or less: outgoing, weird, blonde
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Whew...I haven't updated in awhile.

So basically what this is is that when I went through and re-read the HP books, I underlined stuff I thought was interesting or something. Tried to submit it to Mugglenet.com but I don't know if it got through. Unfortunately, I erased my underlines in the first few books, writing down the page numbers in a notebook. And I can't find the notebook. I DO have the OotP ones though :-)

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