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[10/11/09 2:24am]

54 Bonnie Wright Icons
more here
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Old community is old? [09/15/09 10:36am]

How is everyone doing? We haven't been updated in a long time! =)
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potter_lims [12/26/07 6:13pm]

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29 Icons [08/24/07 10:58am]

[15] Vanessa Hudgens: High School Musical 2 Premiere
[3] Vanessa Hudgens: Michael Lavine Photoshoot
[11] Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson & Rupert Grint: Teen Vogue Photoshoot


(Onto the rest of the icons...)

hp7 [12/21/06 9:35pm]

the title is released....

harry potter and the...Collapse )

So.. What do you think?
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Affliates? [12/05/06 5:16pm]

Want to be an affliate with us?

We sure wanna affliate with you!

Post a comment if you want to!
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[11/21/06 3:29pm]


The trailer is now offically out!

It is everywhere!

The Leaky Cauldron


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OotP movie news [11/16/06 9:40pm]

The promo poster for OotP was released and you can view it here.

The trailer will be attached to the movie Happy Feet, which is being released tomorrow. If you can't make it out to the theatres, like me, don't worry. Mugglenet will have it up on their site.

Also, ABC Family will be airing a preview of the movie on December 1. They'll also be showing the first three movies that weekend.
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[10/25/06 3:47pm]

More changes!!

New email addy!


If you have any submissions, email THIS new emailaddy. Not the old one.

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Updated... [10/23/06 6:37pm]

The P.A. has been revamped. Check it out!
The info has also be revamped. Check it out too! Please read the rules again!

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[10/08/06 9:09pm]

I changed up the PA website. I will no longer be posting the lastest news on the site. I will be only posting when I update the site. Not news. Updates.


Feel free to send links to cool stuff that you want to be posted on the website.

The end.

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Anti-slash J.K. Rowling [10/06/06 10:40am]

If you thought that your HP fanfictions have no influence on HP books, you are wrong.
Did you have the same feeling than mine when Tonks has declared her love for Remus ? A not very credible couple right ? I was very disappointed when I read it. Remus is far too old for her. Now I have the explanation. It's a concerted marriage, no less, for stop the rumors about the lesbian Tonks and the gay Remus. You don't think so ? But JKR has especially created this couple in the purpose to stop all the Remus/Sirius stuff on the net. It's also for stop the Draco/Harry that she has hurried the relation between Harry and Ginny (maybe also why we see Draco with Pansy in the train).
So, ok, I can understand that she doesn't want to create a gay couple in her books (a simple romantic relationship of course, I don't mean any nc17 one, it's still a story for the youth), she has already enough to do with those crazy fundamentalists who accuse her to pervert kids and lead them to witchcraft and paganism. But why does she try to influence the fanfictions ? I don't think that she can stop people to write slash if they want. For me Tonks is still a lesbian.
And even if she has told that Viktor and Hermione relationship will not go further, even if she marry Hermione with Ron at the end of the 7th book, I can still make them divorce and marry Hermione with Krum ! Hehe !
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Autour d'une tasse de the [10/05/06 5:15pm]

[ mood | good ]

Characters: Hermione, Mrs Granger
Rating: K+ or PG
Language : French
One Shot

Disclaimer : Ces personnages ne sont pas ma creation, mais celle de J.K. Rowling. Ils ne m'appartiennent pas et je ne gagne rien avec mes fanfictions.

Autour d'une tasse de theCollapse )

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I found out the end of HP7 [10/04/06 4:23pm]

Are you ready for it?

Harry stepped into the Room of Requirement, pressed the big red button and Voldemort died.

The End.
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Viktor est tres physique [09/28/06 8:47pm]

Pairing: Viktor/Hermione
Rating: From G to NC17
Genre: Romance
Language: French

Viktor est tres physique, chapitre 1Collapse )
Chapitre 2, PG 13, chapitre 3, R, chapitre 4, R, chapitre 5, NC17, chapitre 6, PG, chapitre 7, PG13
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[09/13/06 7:10am]


We officially have affiliates!!!


Well... One affiliate:
Everyone check it out!
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[08/31/06 10:46am]

I found this little comic on this website So I didn't draw it. I just found it.

Sorry if everyone has seen this...

((Crossposted at honestlyronald))
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[08/29/06 9:33am]


How did this?Collapse )
Turn into this???
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[07/23/06 6:39am]

I wrote a D/Hr AU fic!! WOOT! read it?

(Something Nice)
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[06/27/06 10:57am]


[9] Harry Potter
[2] Harry and Hermione
[1] Draco Malfoy
[3] Hermione Granger
[1] Fred and George

[7] Potter Puffs
[1] Wildfire
[2] Sophia Bush
[5] Xtina
[2] Ashlee Simpson
[1] Elizabeth Swann
[1] Jennifier Garner
[3] Keira Knightley
[1] Elijah Wood
[1] Meet the Barkers
[1] Alexis Bledel
[1] Reese Witherspoon
[6] Eva Longora
[2] Kate Bosworth


Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Rest are here

Comment at my journal!!!
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