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Welcome to Pottaholics!

This community is devoted to Harry Potter and all things Hogwarts related. Here you may post fan fiction, fan art, icons, banners, and other things that you care to share that are related to the Harry Potter fandom. Potterholics is open to various ships (though we mods favor slash) and we encourage allow R and NC-17 works.

To join this community, please fill out an application, take the Sorting Hat quiz, and read the rules.

Mods: Beeyatches you MUST respect:

ishical1 (mod/founder/the moodiest/bitchiest person you will ever know) Head Girl of Slytherin
goldtooth (mod/maintainer/claimer of Sirus Black's cock) Head Girl of Gryffindor
sari_chan (mod/shallow entertainment for the rest of us) Head Girl of Hufflepuff
darkearthpyro (mod) Head Girl of Ravenclaw


(In no particular order)
-No flaming
-No spamming
-You must be open to homosexual relationships. 'Embrace teh slash'
-What the Mods say goes
-If it's not yours, please credit
-Follow the rules
-Don't bitch, unless you're a Mod. Mods can bitch all they want.
-All large posts MUST be behind an lj-cut
-Follow the formats below when posting fan art, fan fiction, icons, and etc.
-Have fun!

More rules will be added when necessary

Posting Formats

Banners for promoting!
(Fanart by person whose lj name we forgot and will credit as soon as we find out.)

[img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v449/IDreamOfYourMom/banner2.jpg"]
Replace ['s with ('s

[img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v449/IDreamOfYourMom/Banner1.jpg"]
Replace ['s with ('s

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail the Mods at pottaholics@yahoo.com or use AIM to contact Mod!Alex at 'severusismysmut' or 'the nottiness'.

You don't need a reason to contact Mod!Alex.