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I completed this book about Monday at 1:24 am and what a shock. Here is my rant. It contains MASSIVE SPOILERS!!!

Before I get to my opinion, let me just warn you that I do get a bit emotional. Yu may not want to read this if you're under 14.

First of all TWO of my babies are gone. You'd think that after Sirius she would give me a break, but NUUUUUUU! She chose destroy my favorite characters. (It took a good day for it to sink in. I spent the first two of my mourning making horrible Draco posts in all my RPGs. Finally, I cracked, sending Draco to live far away. Now, to repair all my troubles, we're going post war. How horrific! I was so distraught, I couldn't even RP!)

Draco is slightly saved due to the fact that he chickened out. Might I add that I loved him in this book. He turned Crabbe and Goyle into girls, how great was that? (Being the absolute perv I am, I immediately thought it had something to do with kinky sex, then I remembered it wasn't a fan fic.) He showed he had actual balls when he kicked Harry in the face. He took charge and did it well, though showed a sign of weakness, and you know what, GOOD FOR HIM! He CRIED! It shows he's still human. He COULDN'T KILL DUMBLEDORE! It shows he's still the Draco we once knew. Now, the question is what happens to him. He technically didn't kill Dumbledore, so will he be accepted as a Death Eater? It was Snape's duty to keep him safe, will he hide Draco from harm? Will Draco be sent back to Voldemort and be killed? Will Draco crawl back to Hogwarts? (highly doubtful) If it weren't for Snape actually screwing him over and killing Dumbledore (yes I knew he had that damned vow) then maybe Draco would have someone to forgive him and help him. Still, doesn't look too good for him in the last book, maybe JKR will show she has a heart.

As for Severus... WHAT THE FUCK? I'm still in shock. I can't believe it. That was horrible while being absolutely great at the same time. I love my characters evil, but not when I know it will get them killed. Still, I think that it was al some plot. It just happened too fast (then again so did Sirius's death, and it seemed to turn out very real). At the beginning I thought 'maybe Severus really is spying on Dumbledore' but instantly thought, 'No, she's just trying to confuze us.' Well, damn it JK, We're
confuzed! I would also like to randomly add that I loved Severus's approach to DADA. I would have definitely taken that class, but then I loved his Potions much better. As I said before, I thought the entire thing went way too quickly and without reason. I still feel as if it was just a plot, but sadly, Harry is going to end up killing him before he ends up finding the truth. As I usually say IF HARRY IS DEAD SET ON IT, HE'S USUALLY WRONG!

I would also like to take the time to point out Narcissa. I had previously thought of her as a snooty poster wife who was deprived of love and pampered her Draco the best way she could, with lots of crap. Perhaps my knowledge of the book is becoming tossled with fan fiction (for some reason I thought Lucius escaped from Azkaban and tried to kill Harry...) but still, I was surprised at Narcissa's behavior at Madam Malkin's. I would have thought she would at least attempt to cover her animosity toward Harry as Lucius did and as he told Draco to do. I suppose after losing a husband to the boy, she'll do whatever she damn well please. Her crying over Draco in the beginning was typical, at least we saw that part of her before she became evil!Narcissa again. Still, I don't know where she stands personality-wise. We've seen her snooty, worried, and angry, I want to see her being a bit calm. I can only imagine all the Narcissa/Severus fics to come.

Next, Bellatrix. I love that crazy bitch! I want to hug her so much. I want to kill her for killing Sirius, but I love her character. I loved her in the fifth book where she was clearly mad, but I also love her now because she's clearly brainwashed over the Dark Lord and humorously mad. She's just so cold, I love characters like that.

Of course, our beloved Tom Marvolo Riddle. OF COURSE HE'S OUT OF HIS DAMNED MIND, HIS FAMILY WAS THE PRODUCT OF INNERBREEDING! I'VE BEEN SAYING IT A THOUSAND TIMES. I loved how he was portayed when he was young. Here he was this litte kid, killing bunnies. He was so great. He knew he was special, he used his powers for evil and didn't hide it. His family... amazingly horrid. It took me a while to realize that Morfin wasn't having some strange sexual relations with the snakes he had. I honestly thought he was with the way he was talking to them. Still, I loved how the family was innerbreeding to keep the blood pure. They would have rather messed with the mental health of their offspring than risk their bloodline. That had been my theory with Purebloods the entire time. Classic.

With Harry, I enjoyed him in this book. He'd gotten over a great deal of his issues, though I felt he should have spent a bit more time mourning Sirius's death. (What ever happened to Sirius's funeral? I believe I missed that part.) I liked how he took charge in Quidditch as well. He's gotten over his book five PMS and matured a bit more. Still, he was awfully nosey. Taking a lot of risks in this book. I know he'd taken them before, but I'm a bit surprised.

And as for Dumbledore, I was a bit shocked. I had a feeling it was going to happen, but not before the seventh book. Who's going to take in all the renegade and fearful DEs now? I doubt McGonnogal will be as forgiving or as trusting. And who's going to help Harry out and guide him in the war? I think Harry is at quite a disadvantage. He definitely won't be very prepaired for the war at this rate. It hurt a bit when Dumbledore died. He was the one watching over everyone. Almost like a god. Who will protect them now?

A comment on Blaise Zabini. He pulled a bit of a Micheal Jackson on us. He went from a black boy to a white woman pretty quickly in fan fiction, didn't he? Not to worry, even I've made that mistake. It goes to show, never underestimate a random name in the first book. Five books later it sneaks up and bites you in the arse.

I can't forget Luna. I never really liked her before. I thought she was a bit of a pest, but I loved her on the train. She's adorable. I loved the little Wackspurt impression she did. (In fact, I've lately found myself running around the house like a four year old screaming odd noises. I feel as if I can suddenly relate to her.)

Now onto the characters I hated in this book...

Hermione. She was annoying before, but now she's turned herself into a slut of some sort just for Ron. Since when did that happen? It was hinted in the fourth book, clearly, but it was a big transformation. And what's with the 'Oh, Harry' this and 'Oh no' that? I wanted to bitch slap her. Just. Shut. Up.

Ron. He and his temper and all around Ron behavior pissed me off. It always has. I used to think 'oh that's adorable, he seems nice' and now I've got to be straight to the point, I can't stand him either.

Ginny. Sweet innocent Ginny, what have you done? You've gotten over Harry, started to date around, and went right back to Harry. Can you make up your mind? Have you chosen to rebel against your siblings by becoming the slut of Gryffindor? Poor sweet child. Stay away from Harry.

Fleur aka Phlegm. I liked her in the fourth book. She intrigued me. Then again, VEELA. Now, she's a bit of an annoyance. I would very much like her to stop being so damned pretentious and get real. I think she would have made a good 'Evil'


Is it just me, or do you think JKR was trying to make a point? I think she's been reading our fan fiction and chose to set the records straight. DAMN HER! Here it was, we were all thinking each of the main characters was going to make this big transformation and then she puts them right back where they were. Ginny is with Harry, Ron with Hermione (though it's not like we weren't warned), Draco is still... not evil, but bad, Severus is back to being a Death Eater, and Harry has no godfather....

Harry/Ginny. So damned canon. I hate it. He's to good for her. It won't last. Then again, she wouldn't break up with him for obvious reasons, especially during the war, though I wouldn't be surprised if she did break up with him eventually. He's too boring for her. Or at least I can imagine. I felt this ship was shoved in there last minute and almost as if JKR just added a few comments of his jealousy wherever she saw fit. Anyway... I must admit I liked Harry much better when he was an unsuccessful heterosexual. At least one could RP or fic with him with no quilt.

Ron/Hermione. The most canon ship on the planet. Even when they were apart throughout the series, we all still saw it coming. Plus, JKR didn't do much to discourage us. So much for Hermione/Severus. *sighs* I'll never be able to read Hinge of Fate again without crying.

Remus/Tonks. I was a big Sirius/Remus shipper and it sort of died when Sirius did. Still, what's the next best thing when it comes to Sirius? His cousin. (Was it just me, or did anyone feel a bit odd when ((I think it was Ron)) said he thought Tonks liked Sirius. I mean... it would have been incest. Or perhaps I read that all wrong?) I started liking this ship a little while before this book came out, though the way it happened... well. I was most certainly not pleased. Once more, it seemed like it was stuck in there last moment.

Draco/Pansy. Because of my dear friend Laura, I had become an instant fan of this ship. I love Draco, and I'm starting to love Pansy. Draco needs pampering and Pansy is willing to give it. More power to them. I thought it was cute. I wish there was more of that, though.

Now, for all those avid Harry/Draco shippers (like myself), did any of you feel JK was teasing us? There are a few quotes I'd like to bring up.

"Harry, however, had never been less interested in Quidditch; he was rapidly becoming obsessed with Draco Malfoy." page 409

"I need to see what Malfoy's doing in here.... I need to see what Malfoy's doing in here.... I need to see what Malfoy's doing in here.... I need to see where Malfoy keeps coming secretly.... I need for you to become the place you become for Draco Malfoy...." page 457-458

"Harry tried every variation of 'I need to see what Draco Malfoy is doing inside you' that he could think of for a whole hour..." page 458

"Harry's mind worked feverishly and in his dreams, when he finally fell asleep. were broken and disturbed images of Malfoy..." page 356

"Harry was so busy staring at Malfoy he did not notice Goyle reaching up for his trunk..." pge 152

"Now Harry and Malfoy were alone in the compartment. People were filinf past, descending onto the dark platform. Malfoy moved over to the compartment door and let down the blinds, so that people in the corridor beyond could not peer in..." page 153

"Without warning, Malfoy pointed his want at Harry who was instantly paralyzed. As though in slow motion, he toppled out of the luggage rack and fell, with an agonizing, floor-shaking crash, at Malfoy's feet, the Invisibility Cloak trapped beneath him, his whole body revealed with his legs still curled absurdly into the cramped knee position. He couldn't move a muscle; he could only gaze up at Malfoy, who smiled broadly." page 153

Something else that thoroughly freaked me out was when Harry repeatedly said he was Dumbledore's man.

Finally, as I've said many times before, this book's end was looser than a two cent whore. I'm told that the seventh book will fix it, but I still think I'm going to be left so lost. Seeing as I'm going to be reading the book again, I might be changing my view on things. I liked the main plots of the book, and I even liked what JKR did with Severus, and even Draco (sort of) I just wish therewas an obvious way there would be a resolution without either of them being harmed.

Ah, well. Until next time.
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