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new, Open Requests and a Question

hey guys, I am new to this community but i hope to bring something into the group.
I am a major draco/hermione/balsie shipper and also write draco/balsie and hermione/draco.

Okay, since I have no uni for six weeks I am opening my creative mind and starting a request time. Since I searching for "harry potter smut" and this journal came up first all requests made here will be of the R, NC-17 or X rating. So if you have a request I shall answer it. The only requests I will be taking are HP cause they are more intersting to write. So just tell me what paring you want, what rating and I'll go from there. Also, if you have like a basic plot like "Hermione is sold to Lucius Malfoy" or "Draco is taken captive by Harry and Ron" that would be good also. I do write male/male so if you want that state it. 
I can write: male/male male/female male/male/female 
I do not write: female/female female/male/female male/animal female/amimal 

So let me know.

I wrote:


Ten Places Left


Also, if anyone knows where I can find this really hot Harry/Draco/Hermioen fic I would love to know.

The fic is a Draco/Hermione fic to start off and has them fucking like rabbits in the head room and Harry hears them, masterbates and then is asked to join them. Its reallly well written and hot but I can't find it. If anyone knows where I can find it I would be very happy.

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