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Opinions/thoughts please

I got a question about my latest fic. My latest plot is:

The War is over but H has been bitten by Fenrir and turned into a werewolf. H has gone into a state of depression and Remus has come along to help. They end up on a road trip to Remus’ grandparents’ house in France and theres a lot of friction and tension. The car breaks down and decide to stay in a motel. They end up sharing a bed and this is the week before the first full moon so the beast inside both Remus and H has awoken Remus can smell the arousal around H. He has found his mate. H feels the same and they end up having frantic and needy sex that night. The next day, they drive in silence, trying to forget what happened.

Over the next few days, they end up having naughty sex and then it’s the full moon and they go through a werewolf period. After the last full moon, everything calms down. H wonders what on Earth had happened. Remus explains that when a werewolf finds its true mate, they cant help themselves…H is angry thinking that Remus tricked him/her into going up with him. In the end, there’s an argument and H voices out that he/she feels degraded over what happened- he/she was raped as well as bitten by Fenrir. Anyway Remus ends up declaring his love for H. Within time, H does the same and the next sex experience is gentler and then the fic ends.

The problem is that should H be Harry or Hermione? I have read some Hermione!werewolf fics in which she ends up with Remus but would Harry!werewolf be more interesting? (although with Hermione!werewolf, the fics Ive read show Hemrione being bitten by Remus not Fenrir) I have never seen any fics about this concept, especially since he is the “Chosen One”. Would it be more interesting to see his insecurities about the possibilities if the wizarding world found out that their Saviour survived Voldemort but couldn’t survive a werewolf bite?

What do you think?

Poll #896460 Who should be H?

Should Werewolf!H be:


Got any thoughts of your own?

Blessed Be!


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