December 28th, 2006

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Opinions/thoughts please

I got a question about my latest fic. My latest plot is:

The basic plotCollapse )

The problem is that should H be Harry or Hermione? I have read some Hermione!werewolf fics in which she ends up with Remus but would Harry!werewolf be more interesting? (although with Hermione!werewolf, the fics Ive read show Hemrione being bitten by Remus not Fenrir) I have never seen any fics about this concept, especially since he is the “Chosen One”. Would it be more interesting to see his insecurities about the possibilities if the wizarding world found out that their Saviour survived Voldemort but couldn’t survive a werewolf bite?

What do you think?

Poll #896460 Who should be H?

Should Werewolf!H be:


Got any thoughts of your own?

Blessed Be!

Ferret Boy

Boredom Ensues

Can some one give me a good challenge?

I can't think of any new topics right now and.....If someone could come up with a Draco/??? I'd be in a world of thanks. 

Male or Female, any kind of combo, doesn't matter how ...strange and it doesn't matter what age.

I'm terribly bored and I would greatly appreciate it!

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