July 28th, 2005


Fan Fiction

Title: Shattered
Author: Bri (chaotichonesty)
Rating: R
Summary: Lily's story, from fifth year on. I suck at summaries, so please read the actual chapter. Er, prologue, rather. =)
Disclaimer: Everything you recognize has already been claimed property of. Everything else is mine. Take it, and I'll castrate you, even if you're not male.
Notes: (If applicable) Post HBP... well, in the sense that information we learned in HBP and in Emerson and Melissa's interview with Jo. All the facts are either definate, or haven't been proven otherwise yet. So, thus far, the story is entirely canon. Yes. Oh. Uhm, this is only the prologue. Be gentle, won't you?

Shattered; PrologueCollapse )