January 21st, 2005

castiel- entrances


After finally getting my head out of my textbooks (and my arse), I
finally went in search of info on Harry Potter (besides the fan fics)
and I found  the trailer for GoF!!!!!!!!  WOOOT! I know, I'm sure you've all seen it already, but as my fellow Mods know, I am slow on he uptake. Depressingly slow.

It glows. Cool poster. I'm expecting great things from this movie, even
though it was my least favorite book. Though I've seen Hermione's Yule
Ball dress robes and I'd like to file a complaint. Might I add that the
Harry Potter events were to take place in the 90s, not presently. But
oh well, the soundtrack sounds like it'll be good this time, and we get
to see wet men. But were was Draco in the trailer?! Can't have everything, can I?

... But I can try.
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