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welcome to slattsville....
Six people showed up between 2:20 and 3 o'clock...
I had a long—most enjoyable and entertaining—chat with Susan some time around 1 o'clock, I think. I might have had the sketch of the head and the window started when I broke to introduce myself, explain the medium used, the process and the creative timeline on many of the pieces hanging in my solo show at the Northfield Dickinson Memorial Library to this person I had just met.

When she left, I returned to this sketch.

Remember the last sketch I did at the first of my "meet and greets" for this show? I was sitting across the room, looking at the images in my card rack display and the relative proportions and combination of the images inspired an blue ink drawing of Jack Kerouac, Bette Davis and Bob Marley.

This time, I almost did the same thing. I started rendering a large head of Emily Dickinson but then I remembered the blue pencil I had found in my search through my book bag to find an ink pen and thought I saw a yellow pencil, too. Maybe, just maybe, there was a pink one as well. It would be cool to do a "four-color-CMYK (cyan-blue, magenta-red, yellow and black—"too bad I didn't have a BLACK pen")" piece.

"The traffic is real slow today—I might have a long time to draw."
So, the window I sat by with it's picture of bare winter trees became the backdrop for Emily. And guitar music I was hearing from lobby became her instrument (this Saturday was "Special Day" in Northfield, so, all kinds of events—some that included music—were happening at different locations along the main street).

Some pictures on the wall—like the gallery I was sitting in. Books on a shelf like this library contains. A pot for coffee that I had enjoyed early. All of these found their way into this colored sketch.

Yes, after Susan left I had some time to spend until 2:20.

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