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You Look Good In The Blade Of My Knife

.don't fall in love with the Witches of Ängelholm.

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Sex Decay
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Download Ernest Font Here.

Community ran by playxforxtoday.

_popxlife_ is really about... well, nothing.
You may post your pictures of yourself, or of others things that you have taken, or have permission to use. Just be sure you know that members and non-members are free to use these pictures in graphics (wallpapers, avatars).

That is also what _popxlife_ specializes in.

Self Expression.

Such beautiful words, aren't they?

So... what that means is you can share:
Computer Graphics.

And anything you could imagine.

Be a camera whore.
We'd love it.

Also, after my own struggles, I have searched for models to use in graphics endlessly. I can't find many good ones, with exactly what I need. So, this community also bases itself on finding pictures specifically to use in graphic designs.

If nudity is used in photographs, please use a disclaimer.
Post large photos behind a cut.
Use a cut when posting more than one photo.
If you would like to use a picture posted, please notify the poster prior to it, and get their approval.
Please make your posts friends only. Keep it tidy. Make people wonder. ;)
Clarify yourself as being a gorgeous whore. It's not a bad thing.
Please Don't Whore Other Communities In Here. It's Annoying.
Life, it ain't real funky, unless it's got that pop.

Upon Joining, please fill this out so we can learn more about you:

And share a picture or two of yourself if you'd like. <3

Thank you.
And enjoy your stay.
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