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past/ present/ future

Side A

- The Sugarcubes: Motorcrash
it used to be all about björk

- Screamin' Stukas: A Lotta Rhythm
A Finnish band, also known as "Tehosekoitin". Used to be my favourite band years and years ago. Been a big part of my life from the age of um.. 12 to 17 I think. They mostly did lyrics in Finnish thou. Anyway, amusing tiny boys.

- Varjo: Korvaamaton
Another finnish band. The language in this might sound a bit odd to most of you, but I like this. I still can smell the summer rain every time I listen to this.. And recall the teenage angst.

- Turun Romantiikka: Suomen Oopiumi
What's up with me and finnish bands? Yet another one. Some call this the finnish manics but I don't know about that.. But if you want to think like that then this song would be their "you love us", I think.

Side B

- Pixies: Alec
pixies pixies pixies, you got to love the pixies

- Kwan: Microphoneaye
Bear with me on this one. It's not to type I usually go with but I'm drawn to this. They're brilliant live, they seem like nice people and I don't care how much people roll their eyes at me when I tell that it's one of my favourites.

The Tears: Break Away
I don't know what to say about this. High hopes..

- The Unisex: Pigs And Their Farms
I've only heard a few songs from these guys but this song once haunted me for weeks.

You can only shove so few songs on 30 minutes so I decided to leave the obvious ones outside ( manics, suede, placebo, smiths etc..)
I hope you like at least some of these..
be-bop baby! i wa-wa-wa-wanda

do you wanna play?

we are the pop tarts

and we are a virtual mixtapin' community

which means you upload your mix to share in the style of either a c30, c60 or c90 tape (with an a and b side and everything of either 15, 30 or 45 minutes each)

if you don't have your own webspace to upload to both yousendit and youshareit are good places to upload your files for free.

basic rules

1. you can post mixtapes, reccomendations and general witterings on music and nothing else thank you.

2. please please friendslock your posts

3. mixtape posts should come to around 30, 60 or 90 minutes long and be split into two seperate sides

more than three rules is just plain rubbish but please leave a comment to show you've read as joing this community is moderated
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