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make ya smile


Name: Anna
Age & Birthday: 15, January 22
Location: D-town
Status: single


Color: green and pink
Book: welcome to the arc and you don't know me
Foods: thai food and salad
Song lyric(s): the ones as the subject header..
"SHOUT OUT DON'T DROWN THE SOUND I'LL DORWN YOU OUT, YOU'LL NEVER SCREAM SO LOUD, AS I WANNA SCREAM WITH YOU." (i couldnt choose between those and the header)"there's just a few things i think that you should know, those words were at best worst than teenage poetry.." "if melody is my destiny, than what's left of me, i'll give to you." "you're as welcome as cancer, but my doors always unlocked." i could go on forever.. i'll just leave these though.
5+ bands/singers: Something Corporate. Matchbook Romance. Taking Back Sunday. Melee. Brand New. The Postal Service. The Beatles. The Stills. The Strokes. Motion City Soundtrack. Midtown. THe academy is. Sum41 goes on..
5+ movies: Garden state. The notebook. Donnie Darko. Thirteen. As Good as it Gets. My Best friend's wedding.
5+ tv shows: scrubs. life as we know it. and that's about it.. i dont watch much tv.


Soundtrack of your life:
(atleast 10 songs)
why georgia-john mayer
scars-papa roach
better together-jack johnson
timberwolves at new jersey-taking back sunday
empty like the ocean-midtown
tears in heaven-eric clapton
i wrote this down-limbeck
division street-thrusday
anthem of our dying day-story of the day
BLACK MAMBA-the academy is <33
Hurricane-something corporate

Opinions on the MODs: (be honest) honestly, i don't know either, from their little bios under their picture, they seem like they would both be pretty cool.

Why should you be accepted?: cause i could bring some extra fun to this community

Make the best banner you can for this community: (it might be used, so make it good!) Image hosted by Photobucket.com

put your favorite promotion banner in your info (ps.. this will be checked)
I know promoting sucks, but PLEASE promote to atleast one place, you want this community to be successful right?? </i>http://www.livejournal.com/users/blacklitstar/4559.html?view=9679#t9679

Atleast 4 pictures & one 150x150 (or tell me which one)Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
the sunglasses one would be fine.

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