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Just Joined

Hey everyone, I just joined, and I would like to say I love PC. I know I will contribute a lot to this community, so I would like to start with something that no one has really talked about, the mall, and just the mall in its entire, but a few certain stores. The first one is Hot Topic. I have to say I hate Hot Topic. They say they are anti-establishment, but they buy band t shirts from bands, and sell them in their store for more money. The second thing is that they say that appeal to the individual, but you cant be an individual and different if you shop at a store that is devoted to people being different, if you get what I am saying. It just really turns me off. Abercrombie and Fitch is kind of the same way, except the people there KNOW they are trying to be the same, and if you ask me I would rather be on their side.
OK, I hope this classify as pop culture lol, forgive me if it doesn't!
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