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so i read in the paper this morning a comment posted by britney spears on her own website. it seems she's very eager to become a mom (on the first note, her new husband has two daughters. how about you get that part of the family settled before you start popping out children?) but what really made me angry was what she said next. first, she said that women should all have children while they're young. then she said that mothers should stay at home and never work.

first off, she's got a bunch of young fans, all already dressing like sluts (aka, her) and then she's telling them to have kids young. and that they don't need to work. does anyone else see the image of kids dropping out of school to have kids? who needs school if you're going to find a man to take care of you?

it drives me nuts. look at how far the women's movement has come. it's not men who are a threat to women's rights. it's people like britney propegating the image and norms of the 1950s stay at home mom.

i'd just like to make a note that i'm not looking down on women who stay at home with their kids. studies show that raising three children is the equivalent work of two full time jobs. i'm just saying everyone should have the choice and someone who's never had to face the problem or deal with it shouldn't be putting forth such strong opinions.
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