November 12th, 2004



i recently read an article on a practice called "tinydoping" and i wanted to know everyone's opinion on it.

basically, it involves parents smoking pot in front of their kids, and even offering some to them. this includes people who've smoked pot in front of newborn infants (the smoke in the air makes children sleepy and calmer) and there's even a case of a six month old who already knows how to take puffs on joints. usually it takes until kids are seven or eight to master the art of inhaling.

one quote from the article i found funny was a father talking about snorting coke in front of his kids, and how is he supposed to teach them that heroine is wrong but coke is ok?

...i wasn't aware coke was ok for anyone, let alone young children.

what do you think? is it ok to let kids (the article talks about children from newborns to eight year olds) observe/partake in getting high? if they aren't allowed in the room while the parents are doing it, should they know their parents smoke pot, drink, or do other drugs? or should it be an entirely behind-closed-doors practice?
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