October 25th, 2004

sand heart (love)


I would just like to say that I hate pop culture in it's entirety and wish most celebrities painful, agonizing deaths.

I only joined because I love orange_tictac.
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yay for new people :)

Hello! New to the community and because someone asked me oh so very nicely to join the community. so here I am. So... Pop culture, eh? Well, I find it interesting, and fun to discuss and get into fabulous arguments over. How the popular world seems to portray itself, start new trends, etc, and how much it does affect the rest of society despite our efforts to ignore it. So, my question for the other people who have joined is this: How has pop culture influenced you and your decisions in life?

So yes, that is my nice little statement. Points, suggestions, comments?
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(no subject)

anyone seen the grudge yet? thoughts? think it was better/worse/on par with the ring?

and for that matter, has anyone seen the previews for two? (the ring's sequel) spooky.
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