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I'm trying to come up with certain "quirky" memorabilia tied to certain cities/regions in the U.S. for my design concepts class. I already have cheese for Wisconsin. Have any other interesting memoribilia?


Yummy in Tummy?

So this is driving me insane. Remember back in the early 90s I guess, Hostess has some cupcakes, the ones I liked were chocolate, and it was like a regular cupcake but a bear had taken a bite out of them? What were they called? WHAT WERE THEY CALLED? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone??

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Hey! I am a newbie to this forum and I just wanted to say hello. I was wondering if anyone has read Make It Happen by Kevin Liles? It's a pretty good book, it talks about his journey from intern to president at Def Jam. anyone?
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Kitsch toys

What are, in you're opinion, infamous "kitsch" toys? I'm looking along the lines of Mr. Potato Head, a toy that has been around for generations.

I'm making ornaments for my design studio class based on Kitsch toys.

Any help would be appreciated immensely.

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The Hollywood actress Demi Moore, and the 'Punk'd' star, who is 15 years her junior, tied the knot in a "last-minute" ceremony in a private Beverly Hills home on Saturday evening (24.09.05).
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For my design studio class I'm making ornaments of "unsung pop culture" items/people/etc. The direction i'm heading in is a parody of these of the objects, ect. that i can think of. Who or what in your opinion is an unsung pop culture icon? It can be anything from household items, food, television. I just want to collect general ideas from other people. Thank you!

*shakes head*

"i'm think about my doorbell. when you are gonna ring it? when are you gonna ring it?"

What stupid song lyrics for the white stripes to have.

Though its a good song. That meaning a good beat.