dakura_deoman (dakura_deoman) wrote in _ponderlife,

Being truly different vs. being normal

These are my own words and thoughts used in response to somebody's livejournal account (a member of this group actually).  As such, there is no credit which needs to be given.


As great as the idea of being different may seem, we live in a world where one cannot afford to be, and especially show they are, truly different. As passionate and caring as some are about telling others to not be like the normality, the moment they see true differences, it cannot be accepted.

"Don't be sheep!" Yes, simply not possess ones morality of right and wrong, and see how quickly they find themselves locked up. Or on a shrinks couch for sociopathic behavior (Antisocial Personality Disorder). Or consuming a rediculous amount of pills due to claims of 'chemical imbalance'. Poked and prodded, mind analyzed and torn. Why? Because you're different.

But that's more to the extremes. Learning to see the middle, to see what is the accepted normality of differences, is accepted by most. May lead to claims of being 'weird' and 'abnormal', but at least it's accepted without adding too many complications to ones life. The world simply isn't ready to see a pink crow.

I am curious to hear member's thoughts on this short passage of text.  Do people beg to differ?

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