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in life, isn't it good to build yourself up in experience and talents growing and so forth... but aint some talents rare, doesn't an individuals soul posses talents of it's own perhaps specific or common yeah ponder I do

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Do you wonder if your mind separates from your body if it is not in the present?

If your thinking about africa, or a future life, or what you're going to do next weekend - are you technically still in your body?

And if not, is that dangerous?

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Need based Theory

My cousin philosopher has a theory on relationships. She said only when you REALLY need someone will the Universe conspire to give you someone. And it's disastrous when you try to INSIST that you need one when you really don't.

WE, she said, don't need anything or anyone right now and that's why we don't have a boyfriend.

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An angel's death

"She's gone."

When I got this message from Pau last night, I don't know what to say. I couldn't believe it. Okay, I've known for quite some time that her 22months old niece Isa has a stage4 ovarian cancer, BUT I've always believe that Isa will live, that God will do miracles, and Isa will grow up to be a young lady someday.Part of me was crying for Pau, for Isa's mother, Pam. Part of me was asking God how He could have let it happen. Isa's too young to die. It's not fair.

But then I realize, who are we to complain? Life is just something lent to us. Anything borrowed was supposed to be returned to the owner whenever he wants it back. We just have to trust God has reasons for taking it back the moment He chooses to. We have to believe that it was part of a bigger plan and that He's not just having some kind of "power play."

Of course, it's easier said than done. I'm not the one who has lost a child.

I'm grieving for Pam. I don't know what I'll do if I lost Vincent. I'd probably want to die.

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Just a note to say that in future, my topics that may have been posted here will all be posted in the public section of my livejournal account.  I see no point in reposting some of the better ones here, as they have already been thought over and responded to by people in my livejournal account.  It'd be both stupid and consuming to refer back and forth to opinions posted there and here when debating viewpoints and beliefs, especially when the conversation can be held at the one location.

Will be more then happy to continue reading topics written by others here, and possibly posting opinions.
-Dakura Deoman-

The Price of Knowledge

As I see no point in making this post unnecessarily long, lets skip the quoting and get directly to acknowledging the source.,00.html

Do you agree with the viewpoints expressed by the writer of this newspaper article - should online academic journals, experiments and literature be free to access by the general public?

There are at least 2 aspects which come into debate.
1. Outside the internet, journals and academic texts not altered by media cost money to purchase as they are books. Why does online become different?
2. In many countries, it is a law-abiding, tax paying citizen’s right to have free access to public libraries, as is it within the rights of a university student to access their universities library without cost. Why then do the rights of free public knowledge not extend online?

Discuss. My thoughts shall be posted later.
-Dakura Deoman-

The Egg

Most of the topics found and written will be in the public section of my livejournal, as there is no desire to flood this community.  This is one of them.

I would give credit to the writer of this analogy, however the place where it was read failed to do so (rather they briefly mentioned that it was not their own work, much like I am doing right now).  While the author will continue to remain unknown, their artistic choice of words will most certainly be appreciated by what one hopes is more then just myself.  The progression is facinating.



The Egg

I hid an egg. I hid it in the back of the closet. I hid there and I forgot about for a while.

It's starting to smell a little bit in here. I'm pretty sure it is that egg I hid away. I meant to throw it away but I just haven't done it yet. The air freshener I plugged in seems to be doing a pretty good job of disguising the smell. It's only really bad when you first walk into the house and after you've been here for a while you can't really notice the smell anymore. It isn't really that big of a thing anyway.

It's getting worse. Winters here and I can't open the windows anymore. I'm afraid to have anyone come over and visit because they might smell it too. They might smell it too and then I will have to explain that I hid the egg and I didn't mean to leave it there but I can't throw it way. I'm afraid to look in there. What if it has things growing on it? What if it is all gross and makes me sick? What happens if I open the door and the odor gets worse and nothing will make it go away?

Summers here. I don't spend a lot of time inside anymore. I thought about having a professional come in and remove the egg but what if he starts to ask questions? What if he knows the people I know and they find out I've been hiding this egg inside for so long? What will they think of me? What will they say? It seems such a simple thing. Open a door and take it out and throw it away but I can't. I just can't because I know what's in there. It's horrible and if I open it up that means I may have to touch it. I can't. I just can't.

I know what I will do. I'll just leave. I'll just move someplace else. Let someone else deal with the smell. They can figure it out.

I can't leave. I can't. The smell is everywhere now. I want to leave but I'm afraid that I no one will want this place. Who would want a place that is rotten? Who would want a place that is tainted by this smell? Besides if I try to leave then I'll have to offer explanations. It's better if I just stay here and live with the smell. I'm the only one who has to know. I'm the only one who has to live with it.

I sit here. I don't know what to do anymore. The tears run unchecked down my face. I look back at the closet. I've tried so many times to bring myself to just open that door but every time I do I get so afraid of what I will find. I'm so alone. I know no one will understand how and why the egg got there. I'm not even sure if I know why it is there anymore.

All I know is that every part of my life is affected by its presence. I don't have friends anymore because I ran out of excuses as to why I wouldn't let them in. I get up every day and as much as I try to pretend that things are okay I know they aren't. Nothing I do gets rid of the smell, even with the windows open and all the things I've used to cover it up it is still there. It overpowers me.

Me against the egg.

I stand up slowly. I walk to the door. I put my hand on the knob. Can I turn the knob and face the egg? My hand is there and I look down and I see the knob start to slowly turn.

Song Lyrics

Was listening to a band which a friend seems to have strong interests in, one of the songs having rather thought-inspiring lyrics.  Perhaps this community may have some interesting ideas in response to the questions asked.

"Few creatures of the night have captured our imagination like vampires.
What explains our enduring fascination with vampires?
What is it about the vampire myth that explains our interest?
Is it the overtone of sexual lust, power and control?
Or is it a fascination with the immortality of the undead?
And what dark and hidden parts of our psyche are aroused and captivated
by the legends of the undead?"

Song is "Vampires" by a band called "Godsmack".  I can upload it to if people wish to hear the full song for themselves, though there isn't really much to it.

Any thoughts or opinions people wish to share?