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Polyamorous Otherkin with Multiple Personalities

and those who closely interact with us

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A polyamorous relationship is a romantic relationship involving more than two people.

Otherkin are people who believe for any reason that they are not normal humans. Many think they are other races than human, some think they are from other worlds.

Multiplicity is the state of many people in one physical body.

This community exists to provide a place where people either fall into these categories and/or those who share their lives can discus any issues related to any one or more of the three aspects of the community and be understood.

This is a result of me being unable to talk freely about my experiences to most people. So rather then forcing my reality on people whom it would make uncomfortable, I decided to make my own safe space and invite people here.

Other then basic acceptance of other people and their lifestyles there are no rules here.

Please stay out of here if you do not care to play nice or I will find somebody who likes the taste of troll in short order.

Created and moderated by empathica.