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lily st. cyr

electoral college

Why is it that politics is such a touchy subject?  Does anyone ever wonder that besides me?  I know that my beliefs are not in line with the “majority” and I'm fine with that.  And I’ll talk to anyone about politics as long as they don’t belittle me or my ideas.  However, it seems to me that most people don’t like to talk about politics because it’s almost like talking about money - it’s vulgar.  Or they don’t want to talk to people who don’t agree with them.  It’s very frustrating to me, because I think politics is an important factor in everyone's life.  Besides that, close-mindedness just annoys me.  :oP

Therefore, I’d like to ask my dear readers to divulge of the usual formalities regarding political fences.  Let me be honest and frank, and perhaps you can be as well?  That said, let us begin my first political diatribe with the electoral college...


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lily st. cyr

civil liberties

Okay, I've been wracking my brain to come up with a first "discussion" post, and I got my inspiration from another community where an article from BBC News was mentioned. Here we go:

"Over a third of the 100,000 students questioned felt the First Amendment went "too far" in guaranteeing freedom of speech, press, worship and assembly.

Only half felt newspapers should be allowed to publish stories that did not have the government's approval."

For the full article, please click here.

The results of this survey almost scared the wits out of me.  Do you realize that, as high schoolers, these kids are almost old enough to vote?  And they believe that our rights to free speech are excessive...  Wow. 

Any thoughts, comments, etc?

lily st. cyr

introductory post

Welcome friends and neighbors, to the Political Gab. As the name implies, this is intended to be a non-formal, non-judgmental forum for discussing political issues. I shall post more later, but I'm trying to fine-tune the appearance of this community so users can easily find their way about. Thanks for stopping by!!