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FIC: Illusions (Dawn/Lindsey PG-13) Angel: The Series.

TITLE: Illusions
PAIRING: Lindsey/Dawn. Lindsey/Eve, sort of.
SUMMARY: Freedom is relative.
DISTRIBUTION: Anyone with permission already. Anyone else ask first.
DISCLAIMER: Not my characters. Joss owns them.

One week after her eighteenth birthday, Dawn Summers is back. Away from her family and friends, she finds herself in the middle of La Guardia Airport, backpack on her shoulder and Angel’s phone number in her pocket. She calls from the first pay phone she finds. Yes, I’m okay. Yes, the flight was great. No, I don’t know if I’m going to L.A. soon. Yes, I’ll call you if I do. I’ll probably go to visit some cousins in Boston. Thanks, you too.

She doesn’t make it to Boston, though. For the first time ever, Dawn is on her own, not answering to any elders and free to go whenever she decides. She’s ready to taste freedom and enjoy her life as something other than the Slayer's kid sister.

Freedom comes wrapped in denim and cotton tees, cupid lips curving in a wicked smile. His name is Lindsey and he has the most beautiful blue eyes Dawn has ever seen. Their eyes meet one night on the street and she almost thinks she’s in love. But she knows better. Years of living surrounded by darkness had given her a keen eye for the bad boys. And this is one evil boy disguised as a sweetheart. And yet, she's intrigued. So she accepts one invitation for coffee, then another, then dinner and a movie. Two months later she's spending three nights out of the week at his place. He's not her first, but he's the study in contrast: The man who is gentle and rough at the same time, who likes to keep the lights dim and whisper other names in Dawn's ear as he makes love to her. Strangely enough, Dawn doesn't mind.

One moonless night, as Lindsey gently caresses her naked shoulder, he starts talking about Los Angeles, Angel, Darla, Wolfram and Hart. I left, thought I would be free, but I was just kidding myself. Guess it's time to take care of that unfinished business. I have a plan, wanna hear it?

Dawn listens, but says nothing.

He leaves New York City in August, driving a battered truck and singing Garth Brooks at the top of his lungs. Dawn goes with him.

The next few weeks they drive across the country, just stopping for short rests and even shorter meetings with different shamans and witches. There are spells to be learned, books to be studied and precautions to be taken. She does everything Lindsey asks, and adds a few suggestions of her own. He does't seen surprised at her well of knowledge. Dawn is ninety percent sure he knew she was the Key before their first meeting. But that's okay with her. When he asks her to take off her clothes and stand in the circle, she knows exactly what she's getting into.

Her new self is not different from the old one: small and delicate, child face with eyes older than time. At first she's a blonde, but she changes it, knowing that there's only space in this relationship for one blonde. A dead blonde whose constant presence haunts their bedroom.

She spends the next few weeks getting used to her new self. She goes to the right places and talks to the right people and soon enough, it all pays off. The night before her first day at Wolfram and Hart, they make love in the darkness of the living room, and this time, Lindsey doesn't call for old flames, using his lover's name instead. Dawn should be okay with this, but she isn't.

Because she knows he still thinks of her. And she's sure somewhere along the road he might try to get his blonde fantasy in the flesh. And what will happen to Dawn then?

Maybe the answer is in her purse, shiny black metal, with a rubber sleeve on the handgrip. She knows how to use it, but even as Lindsey gave it to her "just in case, plus it's part of the new you" she's not sure she ever wants to be in that position. Unless...

She looks at Lindsey and he smiles and kisses her. And she smiles back and pretends she's sleepy, but spends the night watching her lover sleep, wondering what would happen if their views collided. She may not be in love, but he touches her in ways no one else had. And, Darla aside, he's all Dawn's. Her beautiful, insane boy.

The next morning she leaves for work without waking him up.

Dawn came back to the States to be her own person. And now she's trapped in a new body, about to infiltrate the offices of people that she used to love when she was a child, helping a man to destroy them. Lindsey tried to scaped once, but found himself bound to the Ghost of Obsessions Past, and now only wants revenge. Is this truly worthy? Dawn wonders as she stands in front of the Wolfram and Hart building. She closes her eyes, and the first thing she sees is Lindsey's smiley face. Wicked smile.

Opening her eyes, she mentally washes away what little is left of Dawn Summers before moving forward. Her name is Eve now, and she's here to destroy.
Tags: angel: the series
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