*~Gone~* (willtarforever) wrote in _pointpleasant_,

The 5 Unaired Episodes

I want the opion's on the 5 unaired episodes...


1.09 Waking The Dead

I thought this episode is neat, because it shows more of Christina's power, and it also show's how Jesse affects her. Although they said it was supposed to be the scaryiest episode ever, it really wasnt. Also it show what was on the tape, which was really freaky!


1.10 Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Being Choked

This episode was interstaing, we get to meet Boyds girlfriend and we also get to see Christina's bad side a little bit more. We also learn more about Jesse and we also get to see more of the Christina and Jesse's realtionship grow.


1.11 Missing

Jesse being kidnapped by his followers, Christina on a war path to find him, this episode was very sad for the Jesse/Christina shippers. The Only thing that was good about the whole thing we had was the sex scene. But even then that was ruined, I felt  this episode was the best one!!!!!

1.12 Mothers Day

This Episode pissed me off!!! It was good, its just the whole way they played the mother of Christina, they made her the worst character ever!!!!! So yeah... although they set things in motion for the next episode.....

1.13 Let the War Commence

This episode is the best cliff hangers  I have ever seen!!!!  This episode was very powerful, and very upseting, because of all the events that happened!!! Jesse's death (or is he?) Christina going dark and the Krammers family going after Christina to save her!!!

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