Heather (crazyheather41) wrote in _pointpleasant_,


Hey there everyone! I can't believe Point Pleasant is coming out on DVD in only 9 days! Man, I can't even wait for it! I'm so excited!

Of course I have a real question to ask you guys though. Do any of you like to roleplay using journals and everything? I use Lis Harnois (Christina) as my PB, but I can't find anyone else who'd be willing to play Sam Page (Jesse) for me. I'm even looking for either an Aubrey or a Cameron. It'd be for a community over in GreatestJournal, but I just really would love to find someone out there that'd be willing to take up a role. Who better to ask then some true point pleasant fans?

I loved the Christina/Jesse pairing so i'd love to see it brought back to life. It wouldn't be using Chritina and Jesse though since it's a PB community, so if you want more details PLEASE leave a comment. I can't seem to find anyone who wants to play these people!
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