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A Cornflake Girl

From A Point Pleasant Yahoo! Group:

Dated April 1st, posted on the website the Raleigh / Durham area's News
& Observer... It's an interview with Aubrey Dollar (Judy Kramer).

The opening paragraphs have this to say:

A week after learning that Fox had effectively canceled the
occult-themed series "Point Pleasant," Raleigh actress Aubrey Dollar was
thinking about its afterlife. On Wednesday morning, she and the rest of
the cast were shooting scenes for episodes that Fox has no plans to

"We're finishing everything because we're still airing overseas, and
also for the DVD," DOllar said by cell phone from San Diego. "A lot of
these shows -- you know, things like 'Freaks and Geeks' and
'Wonderfalls,' and these things that are pulled -- do tremendously well
on DVD."

Dollar went on in a later section of the article:

"You know, I'm still really happy for the experience, and we're still
having a lot of fun, and still working hard," Dollar said. "I mean, of
course it's a little disappointing, but these things happen, and you
move on."

Naturally, we're trying to confirm this with Richard -- a bit of an
oversight on our part *not* to ask him earlier about the fate of the
production, but... <:-) More info as we get it. Information on the expected DVD release is sketchy at best -- some places have FOX saying there we be no DVD set, others quote Marti Noxon saying there *will* be... and we've got two reports of the cast and crew working on the remaining episodes of the show through what had been the expected wrap period for a 13-episode order. So we wait and see. <:-) Bert :)
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