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Wow cool a message in Fox forum from Marti Noxon

Hi fans! Apparently Marti might have wrote in fox's official Point Pleasant forum.
I believe it is her, because well we all know how nice the buffy crew is with fans.
Here's what she had to say:

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From: mnoxon Mar-18 1:57 pm
To: ALL (1 of 15)

Hey guys...

Just want to thank those of you who like the show for your support and fill you in on a few facts. The show has actually been creeping up in the ratings with
adults every week for the last three weeks. We're going down in teens, which is a bummer - but the fact is, this was designed to be more of an
adult show. All this to say - now is the time to MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD
if you like the show. Get on internet sites and e-mail critics - ain't it cool, zap to it, etc... Bug FOX! Tell them the show rocks now (if you think it does) and that they should be paying attention.

All of us here at PP feel like the show is worth saving. We're all having such fun writing it and acting it and making it. Yeah, we got off to a bumpy start - agreed. And some eps will be better than others - but I'm proud of what we're making here now. And where things are going - pretty twisted...

PLEASE, please,please... Tell people to watch, make a fuss - and you can make a real difference!

Thanks again.


Pretty cool I think. I feel bad that there aren't as many fans for Point Pleasant as there should be. Marti is working really hard on this show to entertain the fans.
It got off to a slow start but it's getting very good now, with all the characters slowly but surely falling into place as to the purposes of them being there, and the roles they will play in the eternal battle of good vs. evil...
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