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Either Write Something Worth Reading, Or Do Something Worth Writing-Ben Franklin

All The Fun Is In How You Say A Thing- Robert Frost

Feedback for Aspiring Young Writers
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This is a community for aspiring young writers.
Everyone here is here to have a good time, share their poetry, and get some honest feedback.
You are welcome to post any sort of writing you want, under an lj cut describing if it is poetry, prose, short story, etc.
All writing is welcome here; happy, sad, sexual, explicit, emo, angry, etc.
But it has to be your writing.
Anyone caught stealing work will be banned.

Writing is an outlet, nobody should be censored.
However, if your piece could be described as offensive, please put a warning on your post.
That way, if anyone has a problem with it, they can't say they weren't warned.
The feedback you get will be purely constructive, and anyone who posts otherwise will be banned.

When you join, you are agreeing to not only recieve the feedback maturely, but to also give it.
Good feedback, not "omg lyke th1s 1s t0tally k3wl!!!" or "this sucks."

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Welcome to _poetsprose_ !