Poetry Corner

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This community is for poems,poetry,and short stories. It can either be a poem you wrote or a poem you like that you wish to share with us. Please read all the rules and always follow them. This community does have open membership for the time being. I do wish to keep it this way.

1. Be polite to other members.
2. If your poem is long please use an lj cut.
3. Do not post anything offensive. If you are not sure what is meant by this feel free to im me..my screenname is above.
4. Do not promote your communities in here unless you have permission from me.
5. Remember that if you break any of these rules 3 times , you will be banned!

Each week I will post a theme for a poem here. You will then post a poem based on this theme. Right now there is no theme yet till I get enough members.

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