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i may not be perfect
i may not be sweet
but i'm urs, all urs

nobody will notice the girl without a smile in her eyes
because the smiles painted on her face
and her voice is full of laughter lies
all alone she sits and waits, hoping someone will care
but no one steps up to help her, so she plans her last dare
she finds a rope, she finds a place, she finds a paper and a pen
writing her last thoughts about life to all who would read them
and nobody noticed the girl without a smile in her eyes
until it was too late and the great pretender died

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Hi, I am new, I am a published poet. I am published in books with other poets. I just turned14 the 11th of February. I live in Naples, Florida. I will post poems soon. I want you to tell me EXACTLY what yout think of them.If you HATE it, Tell me. If you think yours are better, Tell me. you know.. just say what is on your mind..
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“In fortitude” by jean

Lost in reality is the dream that understands life
Understanding the out stretched lines in humanity
No where is there solitude in ever wanting to understand or be
Wanting such a pleasing; washed serenity
Washed in morality
Washed away by tears in longing
No hope left when so much has failed
Outrage is a solemn prayer kept by mad men
Keeping the sent of depth is no more then a moment left by a smile
Moments more than a whisper on dreams long since cold
Long since abandoned
Rejected on the grounds of love
These grounds have no space for wanting
Wanting has no fortitude for need

There is nothing left for the physical
There will never be a touch in this
There will never be a moment of bound faith
There will never be
There will never be a wedding
For touch is not found worthy
For love will never be believed
Nothing exists
Not like this
Not in this when so much has been
Kept as a faceless indulgence
Proven only by merit
Seen only by eyes of lies
Scourged over by games for thrills
Kept for the sake of the masses
Played out for the keepsake of dreams

See in color and know in black and white
Understand in wisdom and do by foundations of written text
So much is lost in this
So much is wasted for the closer that has no boundaries
That has no guide lines
That isn’t always clear or defined as ever truly being
Everything fed into that moment becomes stale and old
Everything written for it becomes pointless and without binding to keep
Still what is kept trudges onwardly wishing in


new new to this community. i write both short stories and poetry. my favorite poem is Alone- by Edgar allan Poe. and i have tons of poems i would like to share . but since i dont have my notebook with me i cant post any right now. but i will soon.