marsh king's daughter (dearalexa) wrote in _plurrtastic_,
marsh king's daughter


I'm new, and I'm about to go to my first rave on the 29th.  I'm so nervous, I don't know what to do or wear or anything.
Ah I'm so lame, :(  But anyways, here's my survey. :)
1. What is your real name? Alex
2. What is your rave name? Don't have one yet ^_^
3. How old are you? 15
4. Where are you located? Utah
5. What's your favorite color? Purple
6. What is your date of birth? 7/25/93
7. How long have you been "in the scene"? I'm just getting in it.
8. What do you enjoy most about raving? Everyone is so nice!
9. Do you own a binkie? Noooo
10. If yes, what does it look like? I don't have one. ^_^
11. How do you 'sport' it?
12. Do you have a favorite stuffed animal you carry with you everywhere? Yes
13. If yes, what does it look like? It's a panda :)
14. Do you wear your kandi all the time, or only when you go to raves? I wear the kandi my friend gives me to school all the time.
15. What is your sexual preferance? Straight
16. Will you try to get more people to join this community? I'll try
17. Are you interested in trading kandi with other members? Yes yes yes!

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